Month: September 2020

Suited & Booted

I am so happy that a lot of contemporary brands out there are making affordable, quality luxury suits. Finally, women also get suits that take trouser length into consideration, as well as the shape of a blazer. Personally, I like a synched look, ever since Balenciaga came out with their hourglass-shape blazers. It may not […]

Meet Bobby – Bag Snob

  Dior’s newest handbag pays homage to Christian Dior’s most cherished friend. There are a few spots in this world that are synonymous with style and Dior’s Paris flagship, located at 30 Avenue Montaigne, is one of those places. The chic townhouse has been a part of Dior since 1946 and is a timeless symbol […]

Luxury Watch Shopping on eBay

The concept of time has always intrigued me. It’s the very reason every single moment of our life has meaning. If we all lived for eternity, how we spend our time just wouldn’t matter, the scarcity of it makes life worth living. Fine watchmaking is the art of dealing with time measurement, and that has […]


Xtreme 3 Eco Green fa parte di un nuovo modo di avvicinarsial mondo della rasatura che Wilkinson Sword applica anche al packaging, anch’esso più “ecologicamente responsabile”, incartone riciclato per più del 90%: un’innovazione nel settore dei rasoi usa e getta. Inoltre, la confezione è certi cata FSC,un’etichetta che garantisce la provenienza della materia primacellulosa da […]

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