sewing 5 dresses in 5 days :)

wow, can you believe it’s october 2020 already? i’m happy to report that i’m enjoying the first semester of college and am busier than ever (yes it’s online, but i digress). here’s a fun challenge that i did back in august before school started. i just wanted to do something fun and fast and less labor-intensive than my usual stuff. there were and still are so many other personal projects i want to work on, mainly revamping this blog and some evening wear designs, but i’m not sure i’ll get to them with everything else going on. maybe during winter break? i’ll be sure to document the process, if not for this neglected blog then as a personal diary for my own enjoyment since i find b-roll of sewing oddly calming and satisfying. regardless, i hope you enjoy this video and that you’re doing well, and if not, then keeping in mind that by sticking it through you will be well. x

Angela Lan

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