A College Girl’s Best Friend – THE TEEN RUNWAY

Since COVID-19 started, my feet have gotten used to a certain level of comfort. Now that it looks like colleges will be opening back up soon, I feel the need to prepare for my inevitably painful future. Let’s put it this way, when I’m running from class to class with only 5 minutes to spare, I’m not going to use it up by putting bandaids on painful blisters. That’s why I gravitate towards the unspoken hero of the fashion industry, flats!

Sometimes, flats get a bad rep in the fashion industry. I love heels, but I can’t fathom walking across campus in a pair of 6-inch beauties when I know I’ll pay for it later. Will I look cute? Yes. Will my outfit grab attention? Of course. But will I hate them when I get back to my apartment? 100%. That’s why I switched to these fabulously-cozy shoes years ago.

In the spirit of stylish comfort, I’ve put together a list of some absolutely adorable flats worth every penny. Whether you’re going out to eat with your S/O or walking to your 8 am lecture, you’ll look super cute.

See how cute they are? Who wouldn’t want to walk the hallways in these beauties! I know one thing for sure, your feet will be very grateful!

Until my next post, fashionistas! Leave a comment with your favorite comfy shoe brand so we can discover even more ways to strut in style without pain! As always, I love my lovely readers!

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Model walking towards a sculpture wearing flats and a backpack.

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