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Let’s discover the best and most versatile color of handbags! Colors on a handbag are mostly dictated by the purpose or occasion and an individual’s personality. There’s a whole spectrum of scintillating colors out there and one can experiment endlessly. However, there’s also a growing awareness of sustainability and slow fashion. People all over are beginning to appreciate the merits of reusing and upcycling. A minimal wardrobe, purposeful, durable and not just about fleeting trends, is on the way to become a norm, just as the work from home culture. In addition, it is also more practical to have just one daily bag, especially for work, rather than adding to the chaos of work-day mornings by shifting contents from one bag to the next.

Against this backdrop, let’s embark on a journey to discover universally flattering handbag colors that would complement most if not all outfits of your wardrobe.

I have divided the colors into regular and experimental categories.

Regular Color Handbags

These are the regular colors that are anybody’s guess – the neutrals such as blacks, navy blues, tans, browns, greys and beiges. Muted colors such as these will pair perfectly well with any of your formal wear. They would not clash with the colors on your outfit; on the contrary, both colors would work in unison to bring out the effect more remarkably. However, do note that muted need not mean dull. Pick materials that have a light sheen to them; such as well polished leather. Also, a well crafted bag exudes elegance and style, irrespective of the color.

Take a cue from the below listed bags:

Grain India

Experimental Color Handbags

Yes, you can still experiment within the little room of widely versatile colors. If you work from home or if your workspace allows you greater sartorial freedom, you can include handbag colors such as burgundy or oxblood, olive and bottle green, or our very own khaki, mustard and deep ochre, and finally white. That last color will need you to be extra careful to avoid even the lightest stains, and be prompt with its upkeep. Some inspiration follows:

Go bolder still and try colorblocking of two colors from this list. Colorblocking is an easy way to add more color, to add a whole new dimension of class to your outfit yet, stay within the prescribed neutrals. Or consider metallic nudes – just a tiny bit of sparkle for some drama, while ensuring max compatibility with your wardrobe. Make it more interesting by playing with textures – croc skin, grainy and the likes!

Da Milano

Even if the colors are muted, you can add some playful elements like small chains and simple embroidery like in the Hidesign bag above. Such elements also add plenty of character, irrespective of the handbag color.

A word of caution against the light colors – such as beige and white. These are vulnerable to color transfer from some of your outfits such as denims. You will need to ensure to prevent it – because, well, prevention is better than cure, even when it comes to handbags.

If in spite of your precautions, color does rub off, keep this list of Indian handbag repair vendors handy.

Finally, do bear in mind that colors such as those suggested above, are timeless classics. They stand strong against the tide of new colors each season. Hence, buying such durable handbag colors that go with everything is always a prudent investment!

Vidya Gupta

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