Month: January 2021

with Kenji Okada –

[blog-marquee] Interview by Carryology [/blog-marquee] Taylor Welden, Senior Editor of the influential online publication Carryology recently spent an afternoon with INCASE Design Director Kenji Okada to get his take on a variety of topics including the growing impact of sustainability on product design and what it was like being on the team that guided the […]

Behind the design. –

[blog-marquee] How the ICON became iconic. [/blog-marquee] Since we released the ICON Backpack in 2014, it has not only been one of our bestsellers and most sought out by creatives all over the world, but it has also gone on to win covetable industry awards. Although we didn’t necessarily anticipate the gracious accolades, we did […]

The design ethos of our MacBook Hardshell. –

[blog-marquee] Ideas are always worth protecting.  [/blog-marquee] We look to Apple as inspiration. And we maintain our design ethos to continue innovating. It’s exactly how we’ve evolved our original MacBook Hardshell since 2009. Because, first and foremost, we believe ideas are always worth protecting. By sharing the same values as Apple design and taking inspiration […]

A visit with ManvsMachine. –

[blog-marquee] Glimpse the inner workings of this award-winning design and motion studio. [/blog-marquee] By simply skimming their Instagram, you’ll quickly learn that ManvsMachine—a multidimensional creative studio based in London and L.A.—is on the cutting edge of motion design. Their body of work is truly mind-blowing (see it @man.vs.machine), and their list of clients is just as […]

Creation of the Kanso.

[blog-marquee] Behind the design: Origin. Inspiration. Details.  [/blog-marquee] To us, a bag is never just a bag. What is the meaning and influence behind the design? What is the solution it provides? How is it carried? We think deep when we concept a new bag, and we never include a feature that doesn’t serve a […]

Crafting the Envelope Sleeve in Denim. –

[blog-marquee] We closely followed the creation of this Apple-exclusive. [/blog-marquee] We’re proud to share that we had the opportunity to design an exclusive denim MacBook sleeve for Apple. It was not only an incredible honor, but also a fantastic experience because we worked with Cone Denim—an authentic, innovative denim fabric supplier with an impressively long […]

Living With (and Treating) Chronic Migraine

I’ve partnered with Allergan®, an AbbVie company, to raise awareness of Chronic Migraine by sharing my personal story and why I’ve decided to use BOTOX® (onabotulinumtoxinA) to treat my Chronic Migraine. I’ve lived with this chronic disease for over two decades and received BOTOX® injections from my neurologist this past fall (2020) in the hopes […]

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