Here’s Where To Buy The Trendiest Backpacks In India

Backpacks date back to pre-historic times, albeit in a largely primitive form. Nothing like the backpacks we know today. The first usable prototype was created in 1877 and the modern version with zippers came about only in 1938. They have since evolved into the most versatile type of bag, and find utility in travel, schools, colleges, offices and even in casual wear. Backpacks in India come in a host of sizes, colors, shapes, styles and features. In this article, I will present to you the best places to scout for the backpack of your choice catering to different purposes and across budgets.

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Backpacks in Leather

The preferred style to carry for work is a sleek, structured bag in muted tones, with a preferable laptop slot. Leather is the usual go-to material as it lends a polished look and is durable at the same time. But fret not, there are vegan options too.

1. Grain India

Brainchild of art school graduate Avinash Bhalerao, Grain’s bags are handmade by local artisans. Also, the bags are unlined, to retain the clean, raw and natural look. If you are looking for minimalism, Grain India should be your prime destination.

Best suited for: Work
Price range: Super Premium

2. Hidesign

One of the oldest and most reputed leather ateliers in India, Hidesign needs no introduction. Premium vegetable tanned leather and solid brass hardware crafted into timeless pieces by the best designers across the globe. The brand employs local artisans and a majority of their workforce comprises of women from rural backgrounds.

Best suited for: Work, Casual
Price range: Super Premium

3. Outback

Think of butter soft leather and Outback bags are a perfect match! Their bags are top notch when it comes to functionality.

Best suited for: Work, Casual
Price range: Super Premium

4. Adamis

One of the oldest leather houses in India, and having profound expertise in leather craft, Adamis makes some of the trendiest bags around.

Best suited for: Work, Casual
Price range: Super Premium

Check more classy leather bag brands here and here.

Backpacks in Vegan Materials

1. The Burlap People

The Burlap People handcrafts bags from the burlap material which comes from the jute plant. The tensile strength and durability of jute is well known. This also makes their bags eco-friendly, recyclable and sustainable. And the bags are unisex. Win-win on all counts!

Best suited for: Casual, Travel
Price range: Premium

2. Urban Tribe

The brand describes their bags as hyperfunctional and after checking the features, I quite agree! The backpacks are those rare ones that can be used for work and travel alike. The Fitpack range includes a separate shoe compartment, bottle holder and utility pocket – all concealed, giving it a sleek exterior. Truly packs a punch!

Best suited for: Work, Travel, Casual
Price range: Affordable

3. VIP Bags

One of the foremost brands that comes to mind when one thinks of backpacks in India! Innovation is their middle name and VIP Industries is no stranger to us Indians. They know more than a thing or two about what’s needed in travel bags and their backpacks reflect just that. Take this antitheft backpack for instance.

Best suited for: Travel
Price range: Premium

4. Baggit

For trendy chic flavor, you must check out Baggit. They’ve been the pioneers in cruelty-free bag fashion in India for the past 30 years and have excellent bags in the affordable range.

Best suited for: Casual, Travel
Price range: Affordable

5. Bombay Trooper

The founders have a love for travel that translates into carefully crafted bags to withstand the elements while on the move. This particular bag is from the Terra Nova range that is upcycled using canvas that once made the tents of military camps around the world.

Best suited for: Travel, Casual
Price range: Premium

6. Lavie

Lavie must be on your radar for cool-printed and feature-rich backpacks. Their bags are occasionally on steep discounts as well.

Best suited for: Casual, College, Travel
Price range: Affordable

7. Harrisons Bags

Established in 1959, the brand makes exquisite travel gear, that’s designed and manufactured in India. They sum up their USP with the acronym F.I.R.E. that stands for Functionality, Innovation, Reliability and Ergonomics.

Best suited for: Travel, Casual, Work
Affordability: Affordable

8. EUME World

The brand name is a play on the words YOU and ME, symbolizing the synergistic focus of the brand – between them and the consumers, between them and their employees, suppliers, and so on. The most striking aspect of their backpacks is that it incorporates patented antistress massager technology, which is the first of its kind in the world. Ergonomics is baked into the very DNA of their bags. So pamper your muscles even as you carry a load. Backpacks in India have indeed come of age!

They do have regular, casual backpacks as well.

Best suited for: Work, Travel, Casual
Affordability: Premium

Backpacks in India have evolved along with the needs of the burgeoning population. We have the best of designers here who incorporate everything one could possibly need. Yet, if you still need custom specifications, you can get them made on order.

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