Top 10 College Bag Brands in India in 2022

If you are a school or college going student and looking for the best bag brands in India for college students, this article will clear all your doubts. We will detail each college bag brand about its pros and cons and which is our top choice.

No matter if you are a school or college student or in any profession, good quality and sturdy backpack is a must for everyone.

In this hectic 24/7 travelling world, you need a backpack to carry your all-important stuff.

College girls carrying best backpack brands

Read the full article because here, I will show you the top 10 Best College Bag Brands available in India that will blow your mind.

Don’t worry if you prefer comfort, because all the backpacks here are the best in terms of style and comfort.

Not only is it stylish and comfortable, but your bag must also be strong enough to bear the burden of your everyday stuff.

girl going to college carrying casual bag
school girl carrying casual bag

Top 10 Best College Bag Brands in India review:

1. American Tourister

This fantastic backpack brand comes from Samsonite. In the year 2009, Tourister was taken over by Astrum International, and also Samsonite works under Astrum International [1].

American Tourister provides an amazing carrying experience in their bags. They have made a promise to their customers that they will give the best backpack in the market with a massive range of traditional to trendy backpack designs. 

They have a different design for everyone, whether you are a college-going, stylish students, or an office going, classic man. 

They use Nylon and Polyester material in their bags to make them simple and also durable. If you carry a laptop or any other device which needs extra protection, American Tourister’s provides interior padding with precise placement to protect them from all the injuries.

You can organize your stuff easily because they provide multiple pockets in their Backpacks. They also consider your comfort while designing it. They provide Extra cushioning on shoulder straps and make it ergonomically designed; thus, you will hardly feel the burden on your shoulders.

American Tourister Bags are made with double dot polyester material, which is durable.

2. WildCraft Backpacks

WildCraft brans are also a well-known brand for tracking and adventure gears and accessories. WildCraft has a wide range of durable products, including backpacks.

WildCraft Bags are intended for a long journey. You can use them on adventures and as well as a college bag also.

WildCraft Backpacks can easily carry all your required stuff as they have enough carrying space.

The bags from WildCraft are multifunctional and versatile also.

3. Tommy Hilfiger Backpacks

Tommy Hilfiger backpacks are the bags that you have to buy now.
They make bags remembering the most recent trends and with sturdy material that is durable also.

Tommy Hilfiger Bags become extremely comfortable to the wearer and thinks about all the occasions you would face all day with a backpack.

The assortment is accessible from solids to prints. The brand offers styles that can amaze you with their methods. The utility is the need of everyone, and the brand enhances the cold remainder making it an ideal and easy to carry and comfortable bag.

4. F Gear Casual Backpacks

F Gear is a Bangalore based manufacturing company that manufactures high quality and durable backpacks, travel bags, laptop bags, briefcases, and other products related to bags since the year 2002.

The F Gear Backpacks will encourage you to go outside of your house and carry them. They have a beautiful design range from graphic prints to college going student style.

F Gear makes their bags remembering that you have to put too many important stuff in it, so they provide you different compartments with different sizes and use.

You can quickly wear F Gear Backpack, whether you are going to school, college, or even office; also, they will match with your outfit very easily.

All the bags coming from F Gear are entirely made with a grade material and are anti-sweat material with functional quality zippers. It covers your back. If you want to organize your luggage perfectly, this one will be the best choice.

Because here in this bag, there are too many pockets available for your different accessories and requirements. Commonly, F Gear Bags have adjustable shoulder straps, and it is also made with water-resistant material.

5. Puma Backpacks

Puma is one of the most well-known brands for sportswear and sports-related products and accessories, footwear, etc. for over the last 60 years.
Puma has a design that will suit your daily routine, and it will mix with your day to day lifestyle.

They are an incredible other option that everything you can put into a backpack. Prepare for your next outing, claiming the planned Puma bags, remembering the wearer’s way of life.

From college going guy to a school guy and from an adventure-loving guy to a simple man, the brand has everything they need in 2022.

It’s a superb decision when you wish to load your bag and also want some easiness and comfort. The packs include an enthusiastic appearance and will attract people if you go with Puma bags.

6. SkyBags Backpacks

Skybags provide you with comfort as well as style. Travel in comfort anywhere you are going when the sleek forms of Skybags are with you.

Make an impression with Skybags as it adds a contemporary edge to your looks. You can look casual guy or a professional man with Skybags.

The packs establish a striking connection, and the styles are a perfect design to convey.

Skybags have a class, with you can explore more stylish backpacks that will make you stand out.

7. Nike Backpacks

Open up your wardrobe to various colors, designs, and styles with Nike backpacks.

No matter if you are going for a meeting or a weekend trip, the Nike Bags can keep every essential stuff.

Work and play with different styles and designs with these backpacks.

Nike bags provide nice spacing in their backpacks that cannot put down.

You will be ready for nearly any situation with Nike bags. 

Be the new fashion icon and check out the boundless of different designs and styles of Nike that are very easy to carry. 

8. Adidas Backpacks

Adidas is a world-famous brand because of its incredible commitment to utility and sports friendly style.

The brand barely needs an introduction to its customers. The game-changing development of this brand is significant.

The Adidas Bags are a small home for all your required essential things.
Adidas knows what is trending now and what their customers need, so you just don’t have to worry about Adidas’ style.

Take your looks game one more step up and choose Adidas’s wide stylish range that is a mixture of comfort and durability.

Never settle for less and look at Adidas Backpacks, because they will let you stand out in the crowd.

9. Fastrack Backpacks

Fastrack is a well-known name for school going people and college guys who search for value for money products while increasing their style.

Fastrack offers a good range of reasonable and affordable backpacks with numerous useful features and attractive designs that appeal to young people. Fastrack backpacks commonly come in a unisex design so you can use the same bag, whether you are a boy or girl.

Generally, they are specialized in school-related stuff and school backpack and are suitable for carrying books.

They also make some variants with a laptop compartment, where you can put your laptop. But many users reported that they do not provide such good padding, which is best for a laptop bag.

Arrangements to carry little bare essentials with work pockets both inside and along the edges is a plus for Fastrack backpacks.

Fastrack backpacks are water-resistant, but they are not waterproof.

10. HRX by Hritik Roshan Backpacks

HRX Backpacks’ Brand is endorsed and owned by superstar Hritik Roshan. All the fans of Hritik Roshan are going to love this one. You cannot miss this chance to support HRX if you love Hritik Roshan himself.

HRX Backpacks are the same as him, HRX Backpacks for men are strong, classy, fashionable, and durable.

HRX is another contestant in the Indian market, HRX claims its items depend on actual situations and experiences to keep pushing you more.
HRX knapsacks for men come in amazing funky colors and sleek designs to make your style.

What Should You Look While Buying a Backpack for College?

There are not many things to remember while buying The Best College Backpack in India.

But here, I have a quick checklist for you, considering this your money will be invested in a valued for the money bag.

Here are some of the most essential and primary factors to look at while you are buying a Backpack.

Backpacks are like your best friend while you are going out for any reason, whether you are going to college or a trip.

Top 10 Best College Bag Brands in India in 2020
Nike backpack brand

Are Shoulder Straps Perfect?

Always look for a backpack that allows you to adjust its shoulder strap and have the right length of the shoulder strap.

It will allow you to tighten or loosen straps so that you can carry it easily if your height is too short or too long.

Also, have a look at its padding, they should be well-padded and smooth cushioning. That distributes weight similarly.

Is It Has a Laptop Compartment?

You must buy a bag that has a dedicated laptop compartment to carry your laptop.

It will let you put your laptop without worrying about its safety.

school girl carrying best backpack
school girl carrying backpack

Is your Bag Stylish and Durable enough?

If you are a college-going person, then you must buy a bag that has a stylish design that will enhance your overall look.

The branded products usually have a company logo or warranty. Additionally, the quality, stitching, and price

Choose your favorite colors because you will carry your bag almost everywhere you go.

A backpack must have durable, and it has water-resistant, at least. If it is waterproof, then it will be a plus point.

You need good quality and durable material in your bag that can stand with the weight of your laptop or other loads.

The material is responsible for the durability and quality of your bag.

Commonly, Polyester, canvas, oxford cloth, PU leather, leather, and nylon are some materials that are used in premium quality backpacks.

Look for Good Quality Zippers

Nowadays, lockable zippers are gaining more popularity. If you find one, then it will be an advantage for you.

Make sure the zippers are working well; they must be smooth and well greased.

Are there Enough Compartments?

You must look for one that has multiple compartments. It must have some small as well as big compartments to keep all the essential things and accessories.

The small and the large pockets will help you to distribute all the things correctly which you want to carry.

Is Your Bag has Enough Space?

Be sure while you are buying a bag that has enough space to carry your stuff easily.

Look for a bag that has a pocket to carry your water bottle.

Which Material is Used in Your Bag?

The material of your bag must be of good quality; it should be durable.

Look for a bag that saves you from water splash, and it should be water-resistant. Your bag’s material should be light that will not add a burden on your shoulders.

The type of bag’s material and its quality is a quite significant thing in a Backpack to keep your luggage safe and protected.

Top 10 Best College Bag Brands in India in 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Backpacks’ Storage Capacity is Measured?

Bags are generally measured in liters. Here, 1 liter means equals to around 1 kilogram.

According to this, you can load weight in kilograms as the brand mentioned in liters. For college-going students, your bag’s size should be according to your laptop, books, and accessories, which you are going to carry.

2. How can I choose the Best College Bag Brands in India?

There are some primary factors to consider while buying a bag like storage capacity, pockets, zippers, material, cushioning, durability, safety, and security.

Also, consider a bag that fits your purpose best and comes within your budget too.

3. What should I look for when Buying a Bag?

Always look for a good quality material that is durable and sturdy and which one you can carry in comfort as many kinds of stuff as you want.

4. What is the Ideal Size For a Bag?

It depends on you. If you carry a big-sized laptop, you should buy a big bag, if you travel more, you should consider a kit with at least 30 liters loading capacity.

Recommendations for the Best Colleges Bags?

1. Nike College Backpack

Nike’s Elemental Pink Backpack is amazingly designed and has iconic Swoosh emblazoned on the front.

This bag has multiple compartments where you can store tons of accessories.

Especially if you are a girl, you should check out this Nike Elemental Pink Backpack because its pink color and design will blow your mind, and you will be surprised with this one.

2. WildCraft Wiki Laptop Backpack

This Wiki Laptop Bag has a lot of pockets to store your accessories in an organized way. It has a flat laptop sleeve.

If you are tired of sweat in the summers, then WildCraft Wiki Laptop Bag comes to mind. This bag has an advanced airway system, which keeps you ventilated.

3. F Gear Military Ambush Rucksack Backpack

If you are a boy, and especially if you are a PUBG Lover and want to look sturdy and cool, then this F Gear Military Rucksack Backpack will impress you.

If you want to be more organized with your accessories, then this bag has multiple pockets.

This bag is made with water-resistant material and has an adjustable waist belt and extended shoulder straps.

The Final Verdict

All the bags suggested in this post have been selected carefully, and up to the mark. I would recommend American Tourister or go with Adidas.

If you like any other brands like a Hritik Roshan fan, you can look at HRX Backpack or any other which fits you best because all the backpacks are up to the mark.


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