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Chrysocolla (with Gem Silica)

I’ve already mentioned in a previous blog post that a great crystal to work with at the moment is Copper (Copper is a metal, an element and a crystal).   This is because of its amazing properties that can help kill the virus (its currently infused into some masks for this purpose).  However, many other crystals can help during this difficult time, depending on what is going on for someone and how they are feeling.

Two other crystals that can really help are Turquoise and Chrysocolla, both of these incidentally also contain copper in their chemical make-up.   Both crystals are strengthening, potent and supportive energetically of the whole system.  Turquoise is a bit higher in vibration than Chrysocolla.   If someone is not feeling too fragile then these crystals can help a great deal in the current climate (if fragile maybe something like Amber may be better, see further on).

Yellow JasperYellow Jasper

Obviously at the moment there is a great deal of fear around, and being fearful itself puts a strain on the immune system, and can make us more susceptible to picking things up.  One of the things that can happen is we then become very ungrounded.   So I would definitely look at how grounded you are at the moment.    Some of the symptoms of being ungrounded (obviously in all cases do check with a medical professional that there isn’t something physical going on) are such things as feeling panicked, palpitations, daydreaming all the time, being clumsy, unable to manifest any plans and putting things off.   Some ways you can ground are hugging a tree, spending time in nature (including walking barefoot when weather allows!), gardening, practicing martial arts or sport, swimming, eating earthy foods, or wearing darker earthy colours.   Crystal wise, the darker earthier and lower spectrum coloured crystals are usually grounding.   A crystal like Yellow Jasper can be excellent at the moment, for, as well as being a medium grounder in terms of energy, it can also really help calm things down if you are feeling panicked or fearful and has a gently sedative quality.

Polychrome (Desert) JasperPolychrome (Desert) Jasper

Other crystals that can also help with feeling stressed, as well as being gently grounding are Orbicular (Ocean) Jasper, which can remind one of being by the sea, Moss Agate (when darker green it can ground and also remind one of being in nature) and also Polychrome (Desert) Jasper, where each stone looks like it has been beautifully painted.   These are found on the island of Madagascar, just like  Ocean Jasper.  Carnelian is also a lovely grounding stone, that can help strengthen the energy field, as well as help with more everyday creativity, so it will help if you are having trouble ‘getting on with things’ at the moment due to what is going on. 

It can feel very stressful at the moment as well, and there are some crystals that can help with stress specifically.   These aren’t grounding on their own, but you could couple them with any of the grounders above and carry them round with you or mediate with them holding both crystals at the same time (or hold the higher vibrational one and put the grounder by your feet).   Blue Lace Agate is the classic de-stressing crystal of the mineral kingdom, and can bring a deep feeling of peace.   Moonstone is a beautiful crystal with a gentle flowing energy that can also help release tension and calm things down.   Sodalite is an excellent crystal to help with mental stress – so if you find your mind is going round in circles and won’t shut down because of worries and fears it is definitely worth working with this crystal!

An ‘all rounder’ that can also help at the moment is Amber, which is technically not a crystal at all, but is the fossilised resin of ancient submerged coniferous trees.  Amber can always help if everything else is too much, so if anyone if feeling incredibly fragile, or just needs a great deal of soothing, then Amber can really help ‘take the edge off’ and make everything okay.  It is also gently grounding.   Amber has been used traditionally to help babies who are teething, which can give you an insight into how gentle it is, but also how effective.   Its perfect for the very young, very old, or anyone who is feeling incredibly fragile (which many of us can be with the current situation!) possibly because its not actually a crystal at all and so is much softer and gentler.

One other thing to say, is that its probably wise to work more on your protection at the moment and to strengthen your energy field regularly, as there is so much fear and worry out there collectively, which if you are sensitive and too open you can easily pick up on and think its your own!   Some symptoms of not having a strong energy field, as well as feeling very fearful, can be feeling irritated or drained, having nightmares and bad dreams, being easily influenced by others, having a lot of negative thoughts, or feeling threatened.  Incidentally, if we are going through a lot of change, we also need extra protection, and humanity at the moment is collectively going through a great deal of change, so it makes sense that we all need extra protection right now.

Some things you can do strengthen your energy field without crystal are actually common sense – so eating a balanced and healthy diet, making sure you get plenty of rest, and having physical exercise and breathing freely outdoors.   Being grounded helps with protection.  You can also visualise your energy field as an egg shape around you (that also goes under the earth at your feet) and surround this in a protective colour such as turquoise, a deep midnight blue, or violet.   For extra protection you could imagine coating the outside in something reflective like silver or gold.

Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli

Some of the protective crystals that can help strengthen are Tigers Eye (which is grounding and protective on a physical level so can help for example if you are feeling bullied by anyone!), Hawks Eye (Blue Tigers Eye) which can protect on a subtle level, so if you are having nightmares or feel ‘too open’.   The aforementioned Sodalite also has some protective qualities, and is also one of the constituents in Lapis Lazuli.   Lapis is powerfully protective and is a stone of deep wisdom and is much more profound, so only use if you are more used to energy work and going within.   Turquoise, also as mentioned before, is also protective and strengthening, and can help if you feel ‘under the weather’ and can also help with communication.     Hematite is both deeply grounding and protective (with its silvery sheen) but it has a ‘tougher’ energy than most crystals so only use if you feel more robust.   Amethyst is a wonderful all round protective crystal and is deeply spiritual, so it raises your vibration and in doing so protects you from that which would seek to harm you.   Its also excellent to use if you need a good night sleep and are having nightmares.   


​One final crystal I think its worth mentioning at the moment is that many people are getting depressed and down with lockdown and the current situation (again no good for our immune systems!).   What could be better therefore than carrying a piece of joy in your pocket to help uplift your spirit.   There is no better crystal for this I feel than Citrine, and this will also help bring abundance into your life if you are worrying about lack or not having enough.

As with all crystals, the best way to decide what may help you the most, is use your intuition, and see what jumps out at you, so if reading this article one or more of the crystals have just ‘jumped’ out at you, thats your intuition telling you what you may need at the moment!   Please remember to keep your crystals clean whilst using them, and tune each one for your highest good and for healing.  

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