Month: February 2021


0.29 carat Red Emerald Center Stone 0.45 total carat weight in Diamond Melee 18K White Gold Band 18K Yellow Gold Cradle Rubies, like Red Emeralds, come in many colors. Rubies mined from specific parts of the world display certain shades dependent upon their locality (or origin). Myanmar gems, for instance, typically have a slightly-purplish undertone. […]

Guns in America and Around the The World

Worked to rule the Carry Optics division, the Sig P320 Max is long on gold-award highlights. With regards to Sig Sauer, all the prattle actually has been around the P365. Bodes well, given the flood of firearm purchasers, generally calculated at getting an individual protection piece. Despite the fact that somewhat less proclaimed as of […]


1.22 carat, 5.99mm x 5.76mm Gemstones appeared in my personal history when my sisters started getting married. My birthstone is Sapphire, and my sister Jolie’s antique ring shows off dozens of those same blues in trillion cuts matched with white Diamonds of similar shape and size, set in a vintage piece with highly-detailed craftsmanship. My […]

Discovering Mirta : Beautiful, Italian Made Bags

Today I’m so excited to introduce a new discovery, Mirta – an online marketplace for beautiful, carefully curated artisanal items, all made in Italy! Mirta sells a variety of beautifully made, luxurious pieces – with the most incredible stand-out bags. What makes Mirta unique is that every single bag is handmade by carefully selected artisans […]

10 Best Wallet Brands for Men in India in 2022

Men use very few essential accessories like watches, wallets, or belts in routine, but always prefer good quality branded products to highlight their personality. Wallets stand at the top among boy’s preeminent items. In this contemporary era, men and women also seem very curious to know about trendy and branded wallets. Because every lady has […]

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