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The 38 Bach Flower Remedies

The Bach Flower Remedies were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach (born in 1886) after the First World War.  He could see how traumatised people were by what had happened; how they had been affected to a very deep emotional level, and he therefore wished to find something to help them that was gentle yet profound and had no side effects.   He perceived that the root cause of any disease state began first in the emotional and mental patterns of his patients and sought out something that would therefore address this original imbalance.

Over a period of eight years he discovered the 38 Bach Flower Remedies that could help to re-balance back our emotional and mental states.

The flower remedies work by flooding the energy field with the positive expression of the negative states that people found themselves in such as depression, inability to carry on, of being fearful of what was going to happen next. 

At a deeper level, if you understand how we collectively co-create our reality, its vitally important to work on how we feel and think.  We are all affecting the outcome of what is yet to manifest, influenced by whether we are stuck in a state of fear and helplessness, or are feeling strong, uplifted, and hopeful for the future.

At the moment, with humanity again going through a period where it has become deeply traumatised, the remedies are once more invaluable in bringing us back into healthy balance.  All of the 38 remedies could help in different ways right now, but I’ve singled out just 10 below that I feel may be particularly helpful.  Please note that when you take a remedy a temporary state may occur where we feel we are getting worse, such as being tearful, or becoming angry.  This is called a ‘healing crisis’ which can occur as things are being released and actually means the remedy is working well.  Difficult feelings should quickly pass, and you should feel an improvement soon.

To take the remedies, you can either put a few drops of your chosen essence(s) – a max of four for effectiveness- every morning into a glass of water and sip through the day, or purchase an empty dropper bottle, and fill this with approx 85% filtered water, and 15% alcohol to preserve it (French Brandy is good for this).  You could then mix up to four remedies into it (2 drops from each essence).  You would then take four drops four times a day for up two weeks after which throw the remaining contents away.   If you don’t wish to intake alcohol, you could also simply hold the chosen remedies for about ten minutes four times a day instead (and/or sleep with them on your bedside table).

There are different makes of Bach Flower Remedy.  The brand I’ve felt personally works the best energetically is ‘Healing Herbs’

Rock Rose
This is one of the Bach remedies to help with fear, for when someone feels intensely scared, and in utter fright – such as can be brought about by reading all the press or watching TV at the moment.  It’s the feeling of being a ‘deer caught in the headlights’.  Its when you feel in total panic or terror, so that you feel paralysed about what to do next.  By taking the remedy this allows this state to transform, and we can find the inner courage to carry on and face what is going on.

Cherry Plum
Another Fear remedy.  This is similar to Rose Rose, but a bit stronger, and is needed when we are in a state where we feel we are almost out of control and are afraid we could do something dreadful.  Due to current conditions, many of us may feel we are almost stretched to ‘breaking point’ and so this remedy could really help.  It can be for those on the verge of a nervous breakdown, who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, or who have violent or murderous impulses, or for someone who feels suicidal.  I recently realised I had slipped into a Cherry Plum state and so took this remedy and was amazed how quickly I became myself again!  It allows someone to feel calm and sane again.

This is for when we are afraid of something very specific, and we know what it is, e.g. fear of flying, fear of spiders etc.  Obviously right now, if someone has a fear of catching Covid or being ill with it, or is fearful of having their freedoms taken away, then this remedy can really help.   ​Brings a sense of bravery.

Red Chestnut
This remedy is for when we overly  worry and become fearful about what may happen to those around us and those we love.  It goes without saying how much this remedy can therefore help us at the moment!   The remedy allows us to trust again in life, and know that everything is fine.

Bottles of the Bach Flower RemediesBottles of the Bach Flower Remedies

This can be for when we get stuck in negative thinking and doubting things can ever improve.   We feel pessimistic that things can get better – a useful remedy for the present times!   This remedy is best used for shorter-term depression, and feeling discouraged.  Gentian can bring back our optimism, faith and confidence again.

This is a more profound state than with Gentian.  It is for when you feel everything is hopeless and you have given up.   So when you feel like things may be so bleak they will never get better (which again can mean in the current climate!).  Gorse brings a feeling of renewed hope.

This remedy is for those who are living in the past and in their memories.    The present is too painful for them.   Obviously right now, there may be a lot of people wishing things would return back to how they were before  By taking this remedy it can help someone to become more involved in the present.

When we are in a panicked state its very easy to become totally ungrounded as we wish to escape reality.   If we find we are not living in the present, but instead daydreaming, living in fantasies, or find we are clumsy, not able to manifest anything, or deal with what is going on in the world, then this remedy can help.  This essence helps someone be rooted and earthed in the present moment, so they can deal with what is going on around them in a practical and focussed manner.

Star of Bethlehem
This is the remedy for when we have received a sudden shock, fright, or trauma.   It doesn’t matter how long ago this was, if we take this remedy it will help to release any shock that has become locked in  our energy field (which at a later point if not released could manifest as an illness of some kind).   It can also help when their has been an ending of some kind, such as recently when we all collectively experienced the ending of the way our lives were before.   The remedy will help us to process and deal with any unreleased trauma and can bring comfort.

Sweet Chestnut
This remedy can be taken when we feel there is no hope anymore and have given up.   We find ourselves in a very negative state and feel utterly desolate.  It is a remedy for ‘the dark night of the soul’.  This allows hope to return, for the light to shine again in the darkness.  It can help bring spiritual support.

As well as these 10 remedies, there is also one which I’m not including above as it is a combination essence of many remedies together.   However, if you were only to have one remedy in your collection – this is the one:

5 Flower Remedy (a.k.a Rescue Remedy)  NB. If creating a blend of essences in a dropper bottle or glass just treat this as one essence (rather than five.
This remedy is excellent for all accidents, major and minor.  Also for when someone has just a great shock, such as bereavement, or is in a state of panic, trauma or upset.   This remedy is made up from five of the Bach remedies, Clematis, Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum and Impatiens.  This remedy helps to reground, to stabilise and bring someone back to themselves.

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