Fashion Trends: 20 Menswear Trends In 2021

Fashion trends have always been changing because the fashion industries keep introducing us to new styles every season and every year. Following fashion trends not only helps you to build your wardrobe also to find your personal style. Plus by following the trends, you can buy the staples that you can wear throughout the whole year.

A stylish man’s qualities are being able to differentiate between the trends that will pass out of its existence anytime and the upcoming trends and also being able to adapt to those trends. We’ve created carefully selected staples of menswear worth adding to your wardrobe this year.

1. Floral Shirt

Floral is a fashion trend that was shining around the 1970s. However, floral has been around for a few years now, and it does not seem going down in 2021. It is a bold and cool staple that falls under the misconception that it is not for everybody. 

It is a great option for the summer and spring seasons. And depending on what kind of floral you have got, you can literally wear it anywhere. Beach, on a date, hanging out with friends, and with even under your suit to add some character to your suit. However, remember to keep it to one statement piece.

2. Open Collar Shirts

Men's Fashion Trends 2021

There is no doubt the Open / Cuban collar shirts are going to be a huge fashion trend in 2021. It has already been popping up around the past few years. And there is no sign of diminishing near future. 

This is just simply a classy staple that features a flat and the lapel styled collar which is different from the classic collar. This is just like floral shirts, very versatile; you can wear them when you go to the beach, hanging out with friends. It is a great option to pair with your shorts or chinos.

3. Summer Season Layering

Men's Fashion Trends 2021

The warm weather may not the right time for layering; however, you can still pull that off if you know what you are doing. The easy way to pull that off is to find the right layers, which means lightweight jackets and overcoat/shirts that can be worn over your plain t-shirts, or summer shirts or polo.

 An easy style hacks: If you find it too hot, you can simply remove them and hold them in your arm or tie them around your waist, or even around your shoulders. You are still looking awesome.

4. Relaxed Fitted

Men's Fashion Trends 2021

If we pay closer attention to the fashion weeks, and all other fashion-related events, it seems to bring back the relaxed fits from the 1980s and 1990s. And we cannot deny the fact that the relaxed fits have been on the up for some time now. It might not be for everyone; however, it can look great when you pull them off right.

If you are still thinking about the relaxed fit, go for it, and relaxed cuts can be still attractive, however, make sure that you visit your tailor one time and make it a good fit.

5. Stripes

Men's Fashion Trends 2021

I have seen the vertical stripes have been popping up around the 2017 periods and till now. What I love about the vertical stripes is, it looks great and plus if you are looking for a simple look aka casual look, then vertical stripes are a great option to experiment this year. And I am not going to lie; it can make you look taller and slimmer by cutting a few pounds off.

Remember, the stripe comes with different width, so go for the one that works for you. Or just stick to classic stripes.

6. No More Visible Ankles

Men's Fashion Trends 2021

Well, bare ankles mean going with no-socks which was trending for a long period. I am a big fan of this style. However, now looking into the year 2021, this fashion is beginning to look outdated.  

Even though this style is dying slowly, I personally believe that you can still pull this off during hot days. You cannot definitely be bare ankles when it is freezing cold out there. So socks are great options for this. Get socks that get you noticed.

7. Work From Home Attire

Men's Fashion Trends 2021

The year 2020 was a crazy year of all time. The pandemic made us all sit at home all day long for over a year. And working from home became popular. So the people got extra comfortable while they stayed at home. For this reason, loungewear and comfy house wear are likely to be trending now.

Thick socks, hoodies, oversized and comfy over-shirts, drawstring pants, and loose-fitting tees are the kind of clothing that slightly different from your regular pajamas. They are more sophisticated outfits with a pajama level of comfort.

You may ask, “Why would I want look good when I am at home all the time?

Well… a recent study finds that while working in your pajamas during the pandemic doesn’t lower productivity; it is linked to a decline in mental health.

8. Oversized Outerwear

Men's Fashion Trends 2021

What I love about winter is that it is a layering season. During the winter the bomber jackets, overcoats, and parkas will always remain as necessary and popular staples. However, paying special attention to oversized outerwear is going to be a prime in 2021.

Oversized Outerwear gives you lots of room to be creative with your pieces underneath and allowing you to play with different textures and tones as well.

9. Utility wear

Men's Fashion Trends 2021

We all know that the trends are always changing season after season and year after year. Not long ago the cargo pants were out of the menu. And we were not a big fan of pockets either.  However, the new versions of the cargo pants with the sophisticated look have changed the game.

They are coming with the look of semi-military and with the multi-function as well. This is going to stay here for a while that is for sure. Utility wear can be both stylish and multi-functional.

If you do not have them in your collection, go and get some, they are going to be bigger trending in 2021 and in the future. Thanks to pop culture!

10. Relaxed Fit Pants

Men's Fashion Trends 2021

Skinny fits aren’t a stylish move anymore and even slim-fits are gradually fading away. Relaxed-fitted baggy pants were trending in the 1980s and 1990s, and now these pants are returning slowly, there is no doubt; this fashion will be bigger in 2021.

I am not saying that you cannot wear a slim-fit or a regular-fit, however, the relaxed-fitted baggy pant is a better option for this year. You will definitely like the way it looks and the way you feel in.

11. Leather Goods

Men's Fashion Trends 2021

I don’t think that leather will go out of fashion. With its great look, that ruggedness, and bad-boy appeal, leather will continue to be a trend year after year.

A quality leather jacket will probably be one of the stylish investments you are going to make. If you don’t own one for your collection, this coming winter is the time to do it. The “belted waist leather jackets” are going to be a rock star this year.

12. Textured Tailoring

Men's Fashion Trends 2021

Textured tailoring is a great option for occasions like a get-together, date, wedding, and some events as well. You do not have to pull off your classic suits every time; you can simply replace the classic one with textured tailoring.

This will trend this year and will stay for quite a while.

13. High Quality Sweatpants

Men's Fashion Trends 2021

Again the sweatpants are one of the necessary menswear essentials. However, its importance has just increased during the pandemic. People have already adapted to that comfort level. So this 2021 needs more high-quality sweatpants

14. Beanies

Men's Fashion Trends 2021

Beanies are something that has always been around. It is not surprising at all that the beanies are trending this year. And the pandemic has played its role as well. For most of us, the pandemic hasn’t given us a chance to have a haircut. This too is a reason the beanies are going to be a bigger trend this year.

Beanies are damn cool and comfy to wear during the colder weather, keeps your ears warm. Go for a solid neutral color.  

15. Checks

Men's Fashion Trends 2021

Checks have always been around in different forms. However, the outerwear takes place this winter

The Blackwatch, Glen Plaid, Windowpane, and Buffalo are great options to go with. Particularly, Glen Plaid, Blackwatch, and Windowpane are definitely going to rock the year 2021. If you don’t have them in your collection, treat yourself with one.

Go for an oversized coat or even a jacket, the Glen Plaid and Blackwatch checked pants are trending already.

16. Get Earth Tones

Men's Fashion Trends 2021

I love earth tones; I have spoken about this in my articles a lot. I don’t think that earth tone colors will go out of fashion and they have never been. Because the earth tones are the colors that work with literally any outfits. And more importantly, they are super easy to combine.

Earth tones are great options when you are building your wardrobe. Get some looser fit earth tone pants or overcoats made out of Glen Plaid for this year to rock.

17. Pinstripes

Men's Fashion Trends 2021

I could see pinstripes everywhere last year. And there is no doubt a lot of people are going to be wearing them this year. Especially the suits have the coolest version of it now. Even though it is from the 1980s, it is back!

It is always a great option for people who want to be on trends. Go for a quality double-breasted jacket with a peak lapel pinstriped suit.

18. The Corduroy

Men's Fashion Trends 2021

Corduroy is definitely back. It is just cozier than the other outfits. It can be whether pants or jackets or even shirts, they are a great option to pull off this year during the cold season.

The cords pants are a better option to go with your Chelsea boots. What I love about the cords is, they comfier than any other bottoms but they fit more like jeans

When you pull off cords, make sure that you are choosing only one piece of your whole outfit. Meaning: It can be either your jacket or pants or shirts.

However, when you choose a suit in cords, then that is a different story.

19. The Chore Coat/jacket

Men's Fashion Trends 2021

The chore coat basically from France and they are the 80s and 90s menswear originally designed for heavy work labors. Now it bounced back and trending as one of the great fall options out there.

There are lots of different types of chore coats on the market. You can go with something that comfortable to wear and looks good on you.

You can easily pull off this with any outfit, from casual to business-casual wear.

20. Combat Boots

Men's Fashion Trends 2021

Even though Chelsea boots have been around for a very long time, this time the combat boot may take the place in 2021. The thick, rugged, track-soled / military-soled boots have arrived in a cool way to rock his cold seasons. Experiment with relaxed outfits and oversized layering.

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