10 Best Wallet Brands for Men in India in 2022

Men use very few essential accessories like watches, wallets, or belts in routine, but always prefer good quality branded products to highlight their personality. Wallets stand at the top among boy’s preeminent items.

In this contemporary era, men and women also seem very curious to know about trendy and branded wallets. Because every lady has a man in her life, whether he is her father, brother, husband, friend, or son, so each female wants to gift him a quality wallet on some special occasions.

Different colors’ leather wallets

The wallet is a small pocket-size pouch to keep your money notes, coins, cards, and IDs separately with easy access.

Men’s purse usually has many holders to place the cards individually. Although you are a student, office worker, officer, or retired man, you will see a wallet as your companion in every phase of your life.

Branded Wallets for Men

People have become very brand seekers these days. The brand depicts the choice of the person. Moreover, teenagers love trendy and stylish branded wallets to impress others.

Hot Tip:
If you want to increase the life of your wallet, then avoid sitting on the purse, and always use the appropriate products & instructions to clean your purse regularly [1].

Fossil is a name that is well known and adored in India. We’ve placed Fossil at the top of the list of best wallets for men. An American company produces vintage and classic pouches that are not only stylish but long-lasting too.

The Fossil brand has the best leather wallets that enhance your personality and provide you a rich look. The highest quality of the products justifies the price range very well. Fossil wallets usually furnish adequate space to keep money and well-organized holders to place your cards.

Quick Look: Top 10 Best Wallet Brands for Men in India

Buyer’s Guide

Before going through the detailed description of the wallet brands for men, let’s take a look at the buyer’s guide to knowing the bona fide facts to buy.

Kind of Wallet

First of all, try to know which kind of pouch do you need. Since there are various types of purses available in the industry like Bi-fold wallets, Trifold Wallet, RFID wallet, Minimalist Wallet, Slim Wallet, and Zippered Wallet.

Select a particular type of wallet according to their features described, and then go ahead with keeping the kind in your mind.


The distinct kind of pouches has a different number of pockets. It depends on you that how many compartments or card slots do you need.
An idol purse usually has two main sections, 4-5 cardholders, one coin pocket, and a transparent Id holder.

Material Quality

Before buying, check the material used to manufacture a purse on a primary basis. Because the wallet will run long only if it has good quality material, otherwise you will have to buy a new pouch for you very soon, and your money will go in vain.

The leather has treated the best quality material for wallets. According to your requirements, select a genuine, full-grain, or top-grain wallet for you.


The next essential thing to consider is the cost of a wallet. There are a wide variety of purses with distinct price ranges in the market. Never try to spend beyond your pocket merely to show off.
You have suggested a list of the top best brands for men’s wallets in India, which have a very economical price range. You can pick an extensive quality pocketbook at a reasonable range too.


The manufacturer has made the purses according to the different tastes, ages, or demands of the people. Always carry a wallet that describes your personality well. For example, a professional will look more experienced if he has a Cross Brand wallet in his pocket, and a sportsman’s personality will reflect from a Puma’s wallet.

Size, Color, and Design After satisfying the above crucial concerns, you are free to choose the required size of your wallet. A wide variety of colors and designs will allure you to buy, but you must always prefer a single straight black, brown, or tan color.

List of 10 Best Wallet Brands for Men in India 2022

Below is a detailed description of the best Wallet Brands for men in India 2022.

1. Fossil

An American-based brand has founded in 1984 and has a huge list of fans. Fossil company manufactures watches, sunglasses, handbags, accessories, and wallets for unisex. Moreover, Fossil has a license for making products for other renowned companies like Adidas, Puma, Armani Exchange, Diesel, and BMW.

The pouch has made from leather material and comes in four distinct colors like dark-brown, green, black, and brown. The unisex purse has two main compartments to store your stuff. Additionally, the company provides a one-year manufacturing warranty for this product.

Main Features

  • The company sells high-quality products that intensify the personality of a man eventually.
  • The brand produces stylish, comfortable-to-carry, and portable products that get better with age.
  • A premium brand sustains the classic touch with the modernization of commodities.

Most Popular Fossil Brand Wallet:

If we talk about wallets, the very classy, sturdy, and impressive range is available there. Almost every guy would love the royal shades of purses.

Dimensions 4.5 cms X 0.75 cms X 3.5 cms

2. Tommy Hilfiger

Today, everybody is familiar with Tommy Hilfiger. Tommy is a brand of youngsters. The company came into existence in 1985 by fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger. The company offers clothes, kidswear, sportswear, denim, footwear, underwear, and accessories like sunglasses, watches, belts, perfumes, and of course, wallets.

Since the company produces bold and funky look pouches So Hilfiger’s wallets are mostly liked by teenagers. The brand indicates the status of a calm mind.

Main Features

  • Most of the purses are slim and sleek that fits in the user’s pocket comfortably.
  • Tommy has a wide variety of color combinations, textures, and stylish pouches to
  • allure the boys.
  • The company provides bi-fold and trifold purses along with a long-lasting feature.

Most Popular Tommy Hilfiger Wallet:

Hilfiger’s navy-colored pouch is very famous in India. The wallet has made from fine leather and has one main compartment. The company also offers six months manufacturing warranty along with this product.

Dimensions 11 cms x 2.5 cms x 9.5 cms

3. Levi’s

Levi’s is an American brand with customers in 110 countries around the world and established good relations with them.

Levi’s is a name of the recognized brand of fashion. Levi Strauss established the company in America in 1853. The brand is familiar with its jeans and accessories like wallets.

The brand has worthy relations with its customers and usually pays more attention to demand. The company offers very accessible and contemporary designs for all kinds of men. The pouches by Levi’s are no doubt very decent and attractive. You can easily trust the brand and will love the products.

Main Features

  • Levi’s offers you a wide variety of genuine leather wallets for men at a very
  • reasonable price range.
  • All the products of the company are adorable and durable to use for a long time.
  • The company provides you the highest quality with multi-color options and a
  • distinct type of material.

Most Popular Levi’s Brand Wallet:

A sturdy and lightweight brown color leather wallet for boys is an excellent option. The pouch has a stitched outline and a high-quality logo on it to provide a splendid look.

Dimensions 12.7 cms x 12.7 cms x 1.8 cms

4. Wildhorn

An Indian brand provides genuine leather-wear and accessories to customers. The Kolkata-based brand operates through an online platform. You can purchase Wildhorn’s products at any of your favorite sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, Snapdeal, Myntra, etc.

Wildhorn produces unique quality products with an excellent packaging facility. If we talk about wallets, You may rely on this brand without any doubt.

Main Features

  • The manufacturer offers you an exceptional product at your home under the standard price range.
  • All the pouches are hand-made by professional artisans to convey an urban and durable output. 
  • The Wildhorn’s wallets are spacious to store your numerous cards and comes in several distinct colors and patterns.

Most Popular Wildhorn Wallet:

The company has used polyester fabric to give it an elegant look. A bi-fold pouch has ample space with nine card holders, two currency slots, two secret compartments, a coin pocket, and one transparent segment to store your ID. The manufacturer offers a wide range of color options for this wallet to choose from.

Dimensions 4.5 cms x 3.7 cms x 0.7 cm

5. Hornbull

The Hornbull is a pretty popular name in India for men’s fashion accessories at a very affordable price range. Hornbull’s wallets are made from genuine leather material and have carved a graceful logo on them.

If you are searching for high quality at an economical range, then you can try this brand. The lightweight purse is suitable for all age groups. The manufacturer attracts the people by offering them many combo packs, like a pen, keyring, or belt with a wallet’s purchase.

Main Features

  • The Hornbull’s pouches are very spacious, lightweight, and durable.
  • The company gives many exciting combo offers for wallets at a very moderate price range.
  • The company has a vast satisfactory customer list to convince you to buy the product.

Most Popular Hornbull Wallet:

The pouch has made from top-grain genuine leather high-quality material with a long-lasting feature. A bi-fold wallet has equipped with RFID SECURE Technology. The company supplies multi-color options to choose from.

Dimensions 1.43 cms x 1.27 cms x 9.4 cms

6. Urban Forest

Urban Forest is another extra-ordinary brand for simple, sleek, and elegant wallets for men in India. The company manufactures pouches, handbags, messenger bags, satchels, home decors, and unisex wallets.

The perfect choice for a gift goes to this wallet since the pouch comes in a very classy matt black box. The two-fold purse has several segments to store your stuff.

Main Features

  • The wallet looks more beautiful with age due to the highest quality leather material that makes it fresh & new always.
  • Like other companies, Urban Forest also attracts its customers by providing them combo offers.
  • The company manufactures reliable products at an affordable price that lasts with you long.

Most Popular Urban Forest Wallet:

The wallet has a sophisticated look with a metal logo engraved. The spacious and slim-fit leather wallet has several color options available.

Dimensions 14 cms x 11 cms x 2 cms

7. Woodland

Woodland is a well-recognized and reputed company in India. The company was founded in Quebec, Canada, in the early 50s. Initially, the company entered into the shoe industry as a name of Aero Group. In 1992, Woodland started it’s dealing with the Indian market. In India, the Woodland is famous for footwear, jackets, wallets, handbags, backpacks, and other accessories for men and women.

The Woodland’s wallets for gents are made from genuine leather with a sturdy look for all ages of men. The manufacturer uses the same leather material quality to pouches as it is used for shoes for their satisfied customers.

Main Features

  • The gents’ purse from Woodland is made from top-grain leather material and runs very long with you.
  • The super-quality magnificent wallets are merely available on every store or e-commerce site at an affordable price.
  • The eco-friendly brand uses all tags and cards with recycled paper to save the earth.

Most Popular Woodland Wallet:

The durable and lightweight tan-colored pouch has a flap closer facility. The company gives three months of manufacturer warranty. The purse has a unique styled stitching pattern with thread on boundaries.

Dimensions 14.48 cms x 11.18 cms x 3.3 cms

8. Titan

Titan is an exceptional brand for all age groups. In the beginning, the company established its market in the watch industry in 1984. The Titan is a very recognized brand in the fashion and watches phenomenon. The company offers tremendous types of products like watches, bags, accessories, and jewelry items.

The wallets for men are made from genuine leather material with sleek and slim pocket fit sizes. The big brand will never disappoint you because it has evergreen texture, color, and design features that suit every kind of man’s personality.

Main Features

  • The elegant wallets from Titan offer you ample space with tremendous cards or id holders to place your things safe.
  • The manufacturer has made seven days return policy for all Titan products.
  • Moreover, the company sells its products at free shipping costs in India.

Most Popular Titan Wallet:

The purse made from durable leather material has a very eccentric and stylish texture and beautiful stitching lines on it that make the pouch more stunning. The company offers your numerous card compartment and one transparent id holder.

Dimensions 15.01 cms x 11.99 cms x 8 cms

9. Puma

Puma is a very famous sports brand that was established in 1948. The company produces a wide range of footwear, clothes, and accessories like wallets. The name Puma itself gives a trust of quality on purchase of every item.

If you are a sportsman or fan of sports, then the brand will very well depict your personality. You can choose the Puma’s wallet for men to enhance your persona, and it will stay quite long with

Main Features

  • Puma offers you enormous options regarding material to choose from like, genuine leather, polyester, and fabric materials.
  • Bifold and trifold wallets along with multi-color options are also available with the company’s pouches.
  • The wallets have a reasonable price range with the durable feature.

Most Popular Puma Wallet:

The combo set of a wallet and cardholder comes in a very decent black color gift box that seems very eye-catching. The two-fold pouch has several
compartments to store money and related material.

Dimensions 19 cms x 13.5 cms x 1 cms

10. Cross

Cross had entered the market in 1846 by Richard Cross. The international company has made many writing instruments and accessories. This brand is preferred by professionals too much due to the super quality and stable look.

Wallets for men by the Cross are very adored in India by business class people. The company offers versatile color options with sturdy textures and designs.

Main Features

  • An economical price range is available for gents wallets in the market to impress the people.
  • The pouches are made from a top-grain leather material to provide a clean furnishing look to the product.
  • All the wallets have handcrafted by professional artisans to make them unique, sturdy, and durable.

Most Popular Cross Wallet:

The purse goes from a 3-step quality check procedure before presenting it to the market. The two-fold pouch has made from top-grain leather with the handcrafted skill of artisans.

Dimensions 9.2 cms x 11 cms x 0 cms

Frequently Asked Question about Wallet Brands

What Type of Leather is Best for Wallets?

There are various types of leather available like top-grain leather, full-grain leather, genuine leather, bonded leather, artificial leather, exotic leather, and napa leather. Genuine leather has regarded best for wallets because it is beautiful and lightweight. Top-grain and full-grain leather are also good, but pouches become a little bit hard or heavy with this kind of leather.

Which Things should not be Carried in Your Wallet?

There is always a possibility to lose your wallet in crowded areas or, you also may misplace your purse by mistake. So, First of all, never takes surplus cash with you. Secondly, you should carry the necessary debit or credit card only. Don’t keep extra cards in your wallet all the time.

Besides, the cheques, either filled or blank, may cause fraud with you. Only bring a cheque in your wallet when needed. Last but not least, your important passwords or security numbers should not be there in your wallet.

Could the Women Use the Men’s Wallet?

Yes, there are many unisex wallets available in the market that males or females could use. Girl’s pouches use to be a little longer and spacious to carry more stuff than boys’. Most of the women keep these wallets in their purses and the rest who don’t take a purse use to keep them in their trouser’s pocket like boys.

getting money out of a brown leather wallet
getting money out of a wallet

What are the Different Types of Wallets?

There are numerous types of wallets in the market. From them, the most popular types are as follows:

  • Bifold Wallet
  • Trifold Wallet
  • RFID Wallet
  • Minimalist Wallet
  • Slim Wallet
  • Belt Wallet
  • Credit Card Wallet
  • Travel Wallet
  • Zippered Wallet

Final Verdict

You got the whole idea about the branded wallets for gents in India. Now, it’s your time to choose the best alternate for you to elaborate on your appearance. Always study a buyer’s guide to select the best option for you to save your money as well as your goodwill. If you want a luxury brand at any price range, Fossil is the best fit. You can purchase premium quality pouches from the Fossil company.

If you are a teenager and want funky style modern pouches at the economic range, Tommy Hilfiger is recommendable.

Lastly, if you have a low budget and are looking for a good quality wallet brand in India, you must try Hornbul l pouches, and trust me, you will like them.


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