Month: March 2021

9 Best Sunglasses for Men

The spring is on the way, but the sun is already kicking off a bit earlier this year. The season is to add up a new accessory to your outfits. I was one of the guys who were wearing bigger frames back in the days. I just didn’t know how to style and couldn’t afford […]

The Easy Tweak I Use To Style Poofy Scarves

Jacket – AllSaints // size 0Tank – H&M // size xsJeans – Frame “Le Pixie” // size 25Loafers – Gucci // size 35Scarf – Banana Republic A long, draped scarf can add color, print or drama to an outfit, but I often have a hard time keeping them from looking too poofy or swallowing me up. Here’s an easy styling tweak if a scarf […]

How to Get Jewellery Valued

Items of jewellery tend to be amongst many people’s most prized possessions, whether they’re family heirlooms, wedding rings or antique treasures with personal significance. Many pieces have a high sentimental value to their owner, but the monetary value of jewellery can also be very important when it comes down to sorting insurance or selling a piece you […]

How To Sell Jewellery Online

In the past, selling a piece of pre-loved jewellery was an arduous process of visiting auction houses and intimidating jewellery buyers, or risking a pawnbroker and hoping to be offered a fair price for your piece. Online adverts and daytime television shows suggest that the best way to sell a piece of jewellery is simply […]

It’s Spring – JENNENG Studio

Hey guess what? We’re finally out from under all the snow YAY! The first winter at our home was sooo snowy! We knew there was going to be a lot more snow compared to new york city but really had no idea what was ahead. People in the area said it was the worst winter […]

Nike Air VaporMax Evo 2021

Whether as a single unit or a standalone outsole, Nike Air is a platform in constant evolution. This spirit of progress is celebrated in the respective design of the three key silhouettes of the Air Max spring 2021 collection: the Air Max 2090 EOI, the Air Max Viva and the VaporMax Evo. But I’ve decided […]

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