Furla Just Dropped Their Luxurious #FurlaIllusions Fall/Winter ’21 Collection

In celebration of another wonderful year of luxurious fashion, Furla released their #FurlaIllusions Line for Milan FW21.  For those who did not know, Furla is a brand based out of Italy and has been around since 1927.

Being able to cover this line drop was such an honor.  The virtual presentation was so well out together and whimsical.  Interesting, I have always been obsessed with the beauty butterflies and nature in general.  While watching the countdown and awaiting the virtual experience to be unlocked, I felt like the brand was getting ready to take me on a journey.  That they did! I found myself mesmerized by the movement of the clouds and joy of the butterflies fluttering by, and it felt like it was a wonderful illusion of romance.

The virtual journey finally opens and a video starts playing with a sky of butterflies flying up into the blue skies with a calm yet upbeat melody playing.  Then the “PORTAGIONA” (NERO) -featured left – bag emerges into the screen on a watered-mirage surface.  The bag and spinning and being displayed from multiple angles  showcasing the high-quality design and structure of the bag.  

There were 3 bags released in this collection.  They are the PORTAGIONA, VERTIGINE, and VILLA.  

Paris Chanel

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