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We made it to Spring 2021!  I am so happy to see the first signs of Spring after the crazy winter that we experienced.  The hummingbirds have arrived to our area, the sun is shining, plants are showing signs of life and the trees are budding.  The colors of spring will soon be appearing along with a hope for bright things to come.

​This is a great time for updating your wardrobe and accessories including, or course, your jewelry.  Pearls are having a huge moment on the runway this season.  They’re not only the June birthstone but have been revered by all since the beginning of time.  They are timeless jewelry pieces and they symbolize wisdom, purity, safety and serenity.  They are valued for their calming effects and simple beauty.  Pearls are believed to offer the wearer protection, good luck and wealth.  In a metaphysical sense, they are thought to bring about emotional balance, calm stressed nerves and control anger.  They are also said to improve self confidence and create positive energy.

Pearls are the only gem material formed and found within a living creature and require no cutting or polishing before use.  They are a gift of nature and are made up of mostly calcium carbonate which is an essential component in the human body.  And as a bonus for us, they can be found in colors other than white.  In nature, the hues are quite subtle and pastel but with a little help from humans, you can find pearls in a rainbow of colors!  Don’t forget, they can also be found in shapes other than round.  Currently, there is a trend towards a baroque shape in a big, bold pearl.  

Pearls aren’t only for the wealthy either.  They can be found quite reasonably in the form of freshwater pearls.  These pearls are farmed and come in many shapes, sizes and colors. So, these timeless gems are within reach for everyone and can easily and affordably be added to your everyday look.  Pair them with jeans and tees or wear them to the office or a night out but don’t just keep them stored away for that special occasion.  Find your pearl favorite and wear them all year long!

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