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The Ultimate High School Bucket List: 10 Things to Do Before You Graduate was written by a guest contributor.

Now that Spring Break is over, the end of the year is approaching. You may be trying to check items off your high school bucket list. Before you say goodbye to your high school life and enter your next chapter, here are some fun things to do before graduating and end high school with a bang!

1. Make an Impact

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Nothing is more rewarding than getting involved and giving back to your community! Reach out to organizations that are important to you and find a way to help out—whether it’s an animal rescue, protecting the environment or a good cause that speaks to your soul.

Contact local non-profits and ask how you can help support them. It may be as easy as just sharing their posts so they can help spread the word! A little bit of good goes a long way.

2. Burst Out of Your Comfort Zone


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Now is the perfect time to try something new, build up a new skill, or put your old ones to good use!

Do you love to take pictures? Join the yearbook or a photography club and help document this crazy year (and meet some new friends while doing it)! Are you a naturally gifted singer? Look into auditions to join the school choir.

High school is about making new memories and creating new friendships. You never know who you will meet and what you will discover about yourself in the process.

3. Learn Something New

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Getting lost in a good book is the perfect way to learn about new topics and widen your horizons. Before you know it, you might be caught up in a world of exams and study sessions—take advantage of the time you have now to tackle a reading challenge!

You can fall in love with fictional characters, discover something new, and maybe even learn more about yourself in the process! Challenge yourself to explore new genres—your mind might be opened to ideas you never even imagined.

4. Snap Pics

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There’s no better way to capture a fun day of memories with your friends than a private photoshoot! Invite some of your best friends over, create a fun backdrop, and get silly. Shoot the pics with an instant photo camera—or get creative and use an instant camera as a prop to add a fun retro vibe to your pics!

You can even try a local park, a fun field of flowers, or even your high school campus (social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t have fun)!

After the shoot, you can make a scrapbook with the fun prints so you can take the memories with you to the next stage of your life and cherish them forever. Capture this time of your life and have fun doing it!

5. Preserve Your Best Memories

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A time capsule is a great way to preserve the memories you’re making now so you can revisit them in the future. Pull out an instant camera and take pictures of you and your friends being silly and living it up!

Include the moments in your life that light you up. Save the notes you passed in class or the friendship bracelet that you wore all school year! Write your future self a letter and mention all your interests and hopes for yourself.

Set a time to open this (maybe after college) and look back at all the personal memories you had—all the laughs, all the tears, all the loves, and all the joys.

6. Playlist Your Life


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One of the best ways to relive your memories is through music. Making a high school playlist is a great way to reminisce when you’re in college missing your old friends!

Make a playlist of your favorite songs for your best friends (or make a collaborative one with your whole group). You can listen to it at the same time so you can always feel close even when you’re miles apart.

7. Explore New Horizons

College campus

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Before you make the huge decision of where to go to school, go visit the campuses! Bring along your instant photo camera and take pictures of your favorite things at each campus, then use the photos to make a pros and cons list that can help you decide.

Don’t forget to do as much online research as you can! Read what other students have said and check out everything the areas have to offer. You’re going to spend a lot of time there in your future—you want to be somewhere where you love creating memories.

8. Dream Freely

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As you check off items on your high school bucket list, think about what you want to do in this next part of your life. What adventures would you like to go on? What are some things you want to try? What are things you’ve always been scared to do?

You’re about to be given a blank canvas for your life—think about who you want to be and make a bucket list of things that will help you grow into that person.

9. Share Memories

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Wherever you go in these last few months before graduation, don’t forget to take pictures of all the special moments! Bring your instant camera wherever you go. Take plenty of pictures and swap photos with friends.

When you get to college, use the photos you took to decorate your workspace. You can even create a welcome board to hang in your dorm room encouraging guests to leave messages. The possibilities are endless!

10. Be Open

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The next few years will be filled with so many changes. Be open to new opportunities. It’s these experiences that will help you become the person you have always dreamt of becoming.

There’s still more time before you leave, so make the most of it! Keep making memories and having fun. Enjoy this time in your life, because it only happens once!

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