Governments are now colluding in willing murder of innocent people.

When will people wake up and see what is really going on?
Unless you missed the news – 
‘Only the vaccinated can escape the Caribbean island of St. Vincent’s volcano via rescue cruise ships, says island PM.’  
So presumably that means those who have chosen not to be vaccinated will be left behind to potentially die?
Isn’t this called pure evil?  
In case people need reminding – mass “vaccination” is going on against a non-lethal disease for 99.8% of people, with a new type of “vaccine” that is actually gene therapy (genetic engineering), that has never been long term tested before as to side effects etc.  

Obviously each of us has to make up our own mind over what we decide to do.  However, potentially murdering innocent people simply because they choose to exercise their free will over what they put into their own bodies is absolutely shocking, and puts me in mind of the atrocities that occurred in the Holocaust. 

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