Month: June 2021

5 Crystals For Healing The Shadow

What Is Shadow Work? The shadow is the parts of yourself that you keep hidden from others either consciously or unconsciously because they are not considered acceptable. These aspects are created in childhood when parents make you believe that some parts of your personality are good and some are bad, causing you to reject the […]

2021 BET AWARDS “Glam Slam”

Let’s talk Fashion, Fashion and more Fashion. Let’s talk Sullivan in Gucci, Rae in Balmain, Saweetie in Dolce and Gabbana and Bailey in Valentino.  The BET Awards 2021 was slammed with glam from the ladies to the guys. “Tonight, I wanted to be bright and bold with my look. It’s been a while, well over […]

Brand to Know: Isa Boulder

Uncategorized Brand to Know: Isa Boulder Inspired by the Greek goddesses, Indonesian swimwear label Isa Boulder’s signature ruched creations empowers women to feel their best in their bodies. by Team Yoyokulala | June 29, 2021 Finding a bathing suit that “makes you forget that you haven’t been exercising for years and feel like you’re the […]

The Streets Are Alive Again at #PMFW

Uncategorized The Streets Are Alive Again at #PMFW With physical shows returning to the Paris fashion week schedule after more than a year, the fashion set painted the streets in a riot of colours, bold prints, and statement accessories. by Team Yoyokulala | June 28, 2021 The streets of fashion’s capitals around the world fell […]

Best crafts shows in the U.S. in 2021

Crafts shows are coming back! Some are still virtual this year but many are going live again for the open-air festival season. I don’t know about you but I am so ready to mingle with makers and shop some jewelry. Here are some of the best shows for unique, finely-crafted jewelry. Makers rely on them […]

Do no harm: Eric Braunwart on Fair Trade Gems

Ethically sourced, fair-mined, eco-friendly, sustainable – these are buzz words in jewelry now. So many jewelers are claiming that as part of their brand. When I see those words on a jewelry website, I dig deeper. Does the term apply to gems as well as metals? Are they monitoring their sources or just donating a […]

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