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 Hairqueen News:

And off we go!  

Travel has started up once more.  

I hope that you are able to put your feet in the sand, feel the sun on your face and cast your eyes upon a vista away from home.

I will be away for a month, both celebrating and recovering.  

I’ll be celebrating my 60th birthday, which was cancelled last year due to the pandemic. And, I’ll be recovering from the Covid-19 roller coaster ride of the past 17 months.

The Covid-19 pandemic has felt like a roller coaster ride!

I cannot thank you enough for your continued support. Every bit helped, every payment for virtual haircuts and colors, every product purchased online from my store, every phone call and email to the Alameda County Health Department, every appointment visit where you came with freshly shampooed hair, wore your mask, and went home with cut, but not dried, locks. 

Hairstylists are back and we are tired. Tired from worry and disinfecting, tired from the months of limbo, filling out forms, navigating funding, adjusting our schedules again and again and again.  

For now and the foreseeable future may we all be safe, and may all beauty makers yield our scissors and combs and create and have fun!

Barbicide ready! Photo Credit – @i4colorinc

See you at Swans Studios upon my return. In the meantime, be well!

My lovely never’s, Swans Studios and Never.  Photo Credit @i4colorinc


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