The four types of content you MUST create to grow your business – The Style Sample

Content creation can be so time-consuming. Thinking of what to say and then actually saying/writing/filming it? It feels like too much!


If you’re creating content to attract and retain customers or clients, you MUST address these four things:


1. Personality

This includes stuff about you: who you are, your backstory, your core beliefs, personal info you feel comfortable sharing.


This is the content that helps people get to know, like and trust you, and that’s paramount to building your brand and making sure people want to work with YOU, not your competition.


2. Process

Your working process: People like to know what they’re in for and what they can expect when they come to you. Tell ’em!


If you have a proprietary process (like a system or framework you’ve developed), even better: it shows you have enough experience to create your own technique and you’ve given it enough thought to develop a consistently repeatable system that will help them too.


3. Product

Your product or service: Whatever you’re selling, whether it’s a product or service, people need to know what it is and how to buy it from you if you’re going to make money.


This is where you talk about what your product or service is (deliverables), how much it costs (if it makes sense to do so), and how it will benefit your ideal clients in a way that makes their lives better (usually by earning them more money, time, or freedom).


4. Proof

Show off your expertise and your work: this could include tips and how-tos, case studies, portfolio pieces, or client testimonials.


This is how people know what to come to you for, that your work is what they’re looking for, and to see that others trust you enough to work with you—so they should too.


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