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Today we are gonna talk about a very interesting watch with some vintage inspired design from a company called BUUR+. The company is based in Denmark and was founded by Thomas Buur Bækgaard. The company is relatively new and I found them on Instagram and liked their vintage inspired watch approach. Reading more about them and checking out teh website I discovered that the main inspiration were all the old vintage watches and their rising value that inspired Thomas to make a brand of his own with affordable vintage inspired watches for much cheaper, but this is the line we hear a lot in the microbrand world, is this watch worth considering?

The watch I chose comes from the Multiscale collection, but BUUR+ also offers the Tungl collection which is a vintage inspired moonphase calendar watch that is also pretty cool looking. But I went a bit simpler route with the Chrono as the review sample as I like these old vintage styled chronos + the layout of the subdials is quite interesting.

The Multiscale chronograph came in a very cool leather zipped travel pouch. The outside is made of black leather which is signed with BUUR+ logo. Inside there is felt like yellow fabric which is very soft. Inside the puch you will find the watch, extra strap if ordered, microfiber cloth, warranty and instructions manual. I really like that the packaging of the wath is functional. In my opinion all the brands should do this, even the big luxury ones as that would eliminate tons of boxes on top of the closet. These style of pouches not only are useful for travelling, but also storing the watches. The first impressions of the watch itself were quite good. In flesh it looks better than on the photos on their website or Instagram.


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