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As you know I have reviewed this brand already a couple of times and you probably know that this brand is one of my favourite microbrands. Each watch I review from this company is surprising me more and more. So I won’t talk about the company as I have written many review articles where you can read more about the company. I have reviewed many pieces from them and actually there was one that many of you my readers requested me on Instagram and here to review and that model is Venture. It is a small 38mm field watch and the case is made of Titanium. They have many variations with different dial colours, with 24 hour subdial and even a chronograph model, but that one features a meca-quartz movement, but the non chronograph models are automatic (Miyota 8217 for 24 subdial models and Seiko NH35 for the regular variants.). So I contacted Boldr and they happily provided me a review sample. The model they sent me is the Venture Wayfarer-Khaki which is the 24h subdial variant with Miyota automatic movement.

The watch arrived in a very nice black pelican style case which is a really cool and I like when tool watches put in boxes like these. Also it is quite practical as you can buy foam insert, cut it to size and make a 4 slot watch case for travelling or just for storage. Inside the box you will find the watch, instructions manual, some stickers and warranty card. Also inside you get a cleaning cloth with a pretty funny and cool text on it, as you can see in the photo below. The first impressions of the watch is that it is super light and I especially like the gravel like texture on the dial in white colour. Right away I cut the second loop that goes on the underside of the watch off. That’s what I do with all of my nato straps because this way the watch doesn’t sit so high thus it looks better on wrist and it is more comfortable.


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