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Today we are looking at a watch from a company Bolido. I actually have owned a watch from this company for a couple of years, but never I gotten to review it because so many watches are coming in and I have limited free time where I can dedicate my time to this blog. But today we are reviewing a different watch from Bolido that is their latest model which has a bit of revised design.

Bolido is based in Switzerland. The company was founded in 2017 and in 2018 they went public with successfull Kickstarter for their first watch Bolido Rock which is the watch I own. The company is founded by Swiss legendary designer, Pierre Nobs, the founder of Ventura watches who teamed up with award-winning designer Simon Husslein (designed watches for Nomos Glashutte, Braun, and Ventura). The Bolido has received Red Dot Award in 2018 and nn 2020, the Bólido X series was selected by the Chicago Atheneum, Museum of Modern Art, for its prestigious GOOD DESIGN Award. And I especially like their marketing slogan “100% Swiss made, yet affordable watches” which is 100% true as everything is made in Switzerland and even some high end luxury watches can’t even say that their watches are 100% Swiss Made which is really amazing at this price point.

I chose the Bolido X GMT, but there is also other cool models in different colours that are available on their website. They also offer option to choose between two movements STP 1-11 and STP 1-11 that is COSC certified. The one I chose is the regular version without COSC certificate. And also there is a chance to choose from various straps options (leather, rubber, mesh bracelet), I chose the mesh bracelet. The Bolido X GMT came in a rectangular cardboard box, inside you will find the watch, warranty and instructions manual. The first impressions are really great! The watch is even better than the first one they released and a bit bigger, but due to hidden lugs it wears a lot smaller. Also this one introduces bi drectional slide bezel.


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