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The good news for us temperamental types (I know I’m not the only one who has “off” days/weeks/months) is that you don’t have to be on all the time to consistently market yourself.


Instead, you can “batch create” your content: that is, you can write all of your copy and make all of your imagery at once, during a set time period.


Batching allows you to create content weeks or months in advance, which means a more cohesive (and stress-free!) approach to your content marketing strategy.


Here’s what to do:


Day one, 1.5 hours

+ Brainstorm ideas and outline your content for the next month. Include the 4 P’s and your content categories. Think of it like a magazine—each month has the same sections, they just update the stories.


+ Make a list of photos, videos + graphics needed for each piece of content based on your outline.


Day one, 3 hours

+ Flesh out your outlines and write blog posts, video scripts, social media captions, and emails.


+ REPURPOSE the long-form content (blog posts and videos) by breaking it up for social media and emails.


Pro tip: You should get at least 3 social posts and emails out of each piece of long-form content you create.


Day two, 2.5 hours

Get creative and make stuff!


+ Take photos, make videos, and create graphics based on the list you created after brainstorming. Edit as needed. Check out this post if you need tips for a DIY photo shoot.


Day two, 2 hours

Schedule everythang.


+ Start with long-form content (do a final copy edit), then schedule emails, then social content.


Pro tip: Organize your images and videos so you can upload them to your social scheduling and email platform all at once. This makes it easier to insert what you need and work quickly.


Guess what? YOU’RE DONE!


You just created and scheduled month’s worth of content in TWO DAYS, you productive little genius.


When you batch content, it saves time, your content is more effective, and you can create more content that makes your audience want to buy.


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