Popular Diamond Necklace Trends of 2021

Popular Diamond Necklace Trends of 2021


Nothing sparkles more than a diamond necklace. Diamond necklaces have been an indispensable accessory for years. It has been adorned by women every day or saved for a special occasion or date. NO KA ‘OI Jewelers is a leading name when it comes to Jewelers in Hawaii. Each necklace is unique and beautiful to suit your personal style.

Diamond necklaces are available in diversity. You can choose a simple round diamond pendant, a subtle diamond choker, or maybe a statement diamond necklace. Our diamond necklaces have a variety of styles to choose from. Many of our diamond necklaces run well every season and continue to trend every year. Our designs begin with a basic diamond pendant to a multiple-layered diamond necklace. The more diamonds, the more it dazzles, the merrier you are. NO KA ‘OI Jewelers offers several options in Engagement rings in Oahu.

Our necklaces are available in different trending metals from yellow gold, white gold, rose gold to platinum. We have curated a list of the most popular diamond necklaces for generations.


Diamond Necklace

Possibly the most stunning piece of jewelry that has never been out of style. It has been passed down for generations because of its value. Eternity diamond necklaces are known for their exquisite design and sheer dazzle. It looks stunning when worn in the evening for a special occasion. It uplifts the overall look of attire and enhances the wearers’ appearance. Eternity Diamond Necklace screams attention and is the perfect pick for special events or evenings. These opulent necklaces are expensive but can be noticed in a crowd of millions. then definitely an elite diamond pendant necklace helps. Diamond Necklace is available in tonnes of vintage as well as contemporary designs. 


Diamond Initial

Diamond initial necklaces have been our highest selling styles. Diamond initial necklaces are a thoughtful choice for personalized gifts. Some people get a monogram pendant for themselves or their loved one. You can also get a special name or word that holds significance in your life. Monogram ornaments can have carving or arrangement of words like ‘ILOVEYOU’, ‘FOREVER’, to keep it close to your heart, forever. These poignant carved pendants not only are great gifts but can also convey an emotional message. Diamond Initial or Monogram Pendants are cute and look stunning in platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. We have 14K as well as 18K gold metal options. 


Metal Chain Diamond Necklace

Metal chains look elegant with small diamonds assorted around. Metal Chain can be worn every day with or without a pendant. Metal Chain Diamond Necklaces look stunning with a multitude of diamonds, making them simple yet classy. Our chains are available in the preferred metal of your choice. You can pick different metals such as rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. Metal chains can also be stacked but make sure not to go overboard. 


Fashion Diamond Necklace

Fashion diamond necklaces have been the talk of the town. They are handcrafted with sheer precision and provide a luxurious feel. Moreover, the pendants can often provide vintage feels based on the design. Fashion diamond necklaces can have designs like a diamond cross pendant, a large gemstone stone in the center with small diamonds around, or a tiny figurative pendant. Fashion diamond necklaces are in vogue and are sculpted for achieving the highest precision in designs. Instead of diamonds, vibrant gemstones and pearls can be used in elegant floral patterns, etc. Moreover, fashion necklaces uplift a basic outfit with their magnificent splendor. 


Religious Pendants

Faith is a dominant pillar in a person’s life. Celebrate your faith with religious pendants that are fashionable and symbolize devotion at the same time. Cross pendants, Jewish Star Pendants, etc., are some delightful choices. There is an abundance of styles available in religious pendants. Religious pendants are popular amongst both men and women. These pendants can be made with metals like white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold and can feature diamonds. These can be worn with the metal chain or necklace of your choice. 


Gemstone Pendants

Gemstone pendants are a classy and elegant choice when paired with any metal. Pair your gemstone beauties with gorgeous diamond pendants. We love the vibrant sapphire, vivid emerald, subtle topaz, and breath-taking ruby. These gemstones look brilliant when set in a pendant. You can add diamonds around it or choose any style that suits you. 


Solitaire Pendants

Solitaire pendants are classy and elegant. These are available in a variety of sizes depending on your budget. A solitaire pendant comes with oodles of sparkle to add to your necklace. A solitaire is a single piece of diamond placed in a piece of jewelry. Solitaires were earlier only prominent in rings but now are widely used in earrings, pendants, etc. These look large and sparkling when set in pendants. Adding a solitaire to pendants adds an element of surprise and drama to your look. Surprisingly, these look great even when you need to look flashy without being loud or gaudy. You can get these pendants made in rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold. If you don’t wish to choose a single solitaire, go for micro-paved diamonds encircling with a solitaire that sparkles at the center. You can also pick two halos of diamonds surrounding the solitaire in the center.

The list features necklaces that are drawn to the inherent beauty of metals, diamonds, and gemstones. NO KA ‘OI Jewelers is also a leading wedding band store. Wedding bands are available in different metals and gemstones too. The power of a diamond necklace should never be underestimated. They bring in joy and sparkle. Diamonds look spectacular when set in gold or platinum. Necklaces are a piece of jewelry every woman needs in her life. Start building your jewelry collection today and pass it on to your coming generations. Choose from the above designs that stand the test of time. Visit NO KA ‘OI Jewelers on Maui for the best collection of diamond jewelry. 


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