Tips on Shopping Diamond Jewelry

Tips on Shopping Diamond Jewelry


Buying diamond jewelry online takes more than just paying. It has days and months of research behind it. Since the pandemic hit the world, people have been reluctant to go out and hunt for diamond jewelry. Some people prefer staying at home and ordering jewelry, while some go out and buy it.

NO KA ‘OI Jewelers are the Best Jewelers on Maui. We sell diamond jewelry featuring the latest designs and styles. Diamonds speak the language of love. It uplifts an outfit, enhances your appearance, and has never been out of fashion, making them a worthwhile investment.

Diamonds are expensive for a reason. They take over billions of years to form. From laying low in the mantle to finding their place in jewelry shores, diamonds are truly unique. Our Hawaiian Jewelry Store is situated in the heart of the city. It is easily accessible and caters to a variety of buyers. We understand that jewelry is a substantial investment, and with diamonds involved, it becomes an even more precious buy. We have listed a few tips for you to follow before buying any diamond jewelry.


1.  Fix Your Budget

The ideal way to look for jewelry is to decide and set a fixed budget. Diamonds are pure luxury. When spending on something so precious and extravagant, it is a must to budget your purchase. Budgeting your buy will simplify diamond jewelry shopping for you and make it viable. If a small diamond fits perfectly in your budget, make sure you pick a Halo setting. A halo setting features a center stone with a small diamond around it. The setting of diamonds all around makes the center stone appear larger. Buying Low-priced Diamonds carry Low Carat Weight. It should be your call eventually.


2. Consider The Shape

Choosing the right diamond is not easy. We will enlighten you about the main attributes of a diamond so that you confidently move forward in the process of selecting the right one. The shape of the diamond refers to the geometric outline or its physical form. Most people usually prefer round diamonds though these days fancy-shaped diamonds have gained popularity. Each diamond shape is unique and cut to different specifications. Princess cut diamond is the second most popular diamond after the round cut one. NO KA ‘OI Jewelers has a variety of shapes like oval, pear, emerald, pear, asscher, marquise, radiant, and heart.


3. Keep The 4Cs In Mind

The 4C’s denote Carat, Colour, Clarity, and Cut of a stone. It is the best parameter for checking the purity and authenticity of a diamond. Any smart buyer should research them in-depth to move forward. Diamonds are highly alluring, but they vary in quality. Any smart buyer should research them in-depth to move forward. 

4 .All That Dazzles Is Not Great

Cost-effective diamonds might be poorly cut. The cost of a diamond correlates with its cut. Poorly cut diamonds are priced lesser but dull and lifeless. Buying a well-cut diamond is always better than buying a bigger diamond that looks dull. Also, a proper cut can usually make the diamond look large. Remember that despite a high clarity grade or a good color, the diamond will look dull if it is poorly cut. The cut and symmetry of a diamond greatly influence its price and sparkle. It is always better to invest appropriately and choose a good cut over everything.


5. Buy From A Trusted Jeweler

It is always better to buy diamond jewelry from a reliable, trustworthy seller. You can run a check on their brand online or read reviews from other customers. It is easy to find and research the history of a known brand. In case you wish to order the diamond jewelry online, check their transaction methods, check whether their customer service is adept or not, read and find out about their return policy, and get more information about their shipping method. Such brands offer post-delivery services also. Moreover, most reputed jewelers provide a grading report and quality evidence with photographs. Buying from a trusted jeweler gives you confidence and secures your purchase.


6. Certified Diamond Only

Individuals end up buying from brands and labels because of their popularity. Many reputed brands fail to provide an authenticity certificate accredited from reputed laboratories like Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL). GIA invented scientific grading of diamonds using the 4Cs in the 1940s. Some other trusted independent laboratories providing certificates in the United States are International Gemological Institute, Gemological Science International and GemEx Systems Inc. These labs grade and certify diamonds based on their features, carat weight, clarity, color, cut, symmetry, and polish. Diamonds are examined rigorously by gemologists using microscopes and instruments. These high-power instruments facilitate the accurate examination of diamond flaws, diamond color, and diamond symmetry. Since these laboratories are independent, their diamond evaluation is unbiased. Another important reason for buying certified diamonds is they might come with a warranty. Warranty from the jeweler covers material defects or workmanship defects. Buying certified diamonds assures complete guarantee about the source and authenticity of a diamond. Nothing better than a reliance and long-term purchase.

If you are looking for the nearest jeweler around you, you will find us. We sell diamond jewelry like best custom engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bangles, and much more. We have been a known name in the city for years now. Each diamond at our jewelry store is certified by reputed labs. You can buy jewelry from us confidently. We will always have you covered. 


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