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Yes , that is what the month of September has been  a sweep of getting rid of things, clutter, you name it , it was time to clear out things. I think the fact of  the lockdowns and being at home more only emphasized the fact things clutter had to go. 


Starting outside, I had saved so many plant containers that I thought would be handy to have. They have been sitting there for the last few years , not being used so time to get rid of them. Somebody else can use them for there plants . So was a giveaway.  Then our yard that was being prepared for installation of a small pool, well it became a bigger project then expected. Still decided if go smaller or original. (big headache)

REFRESH ; laundry room AKA Bathroom

Well its nice to have a laundry space, I find it adds a lot more clutter in the bathrooom. European bathrooms and toilets(W/C) are separate spaces. So its a bit like a half bathroom without a sink and the tub shower and sink are in another space. When one is accustom to north amorican place with usually a 1 1/2 bathroom design it can be a change.  But now to add to the mix is the stackable laundry machines – added to a already small space. Surprising how much space it takes up. Then all the laundry products , I can say it was driving me crazy. piling the bottles on top . So have to find a solution to keep all those products out of sight!  

Thinking to add a shelf along the one wall with some baskets to contain them , out of sight out of mind.  or some  cabinets. Probably cabinets. IKEA here I come.

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There is nothing I love more then NEW towels, after awhile seems like the old ones lose their fluffiness. So goodbye old towels.

FASHION – all about comfort

Well being home more  and  only recently getting the second vaccine, I had to limit outings , so fashions were more the get comfy style. Plus the extreme heat , was also a issue. 

So basically I didn’t need many new things to wear. a simple slip dress, flat sandals and swimsuit are the go to outfits, plus a  maxi dress and a shorter dress.  But now I can think about finding somethings that can transition into fall. 

Like the idea of a wrap cardigan , and a poncho is something I have always wanted but never bother, the idea of just throwing over the head and go  appeals to me. The other items are perfect for wearing at home and feeling comfortable. 

Thinking sweaters, knit dresses , nice pair of pumps and a new tote bag. 

SO have you any new plans, projects or fashion ideas for fall?

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