A Beginner’s Guide: 23 Essential Style Tips For Guys Who Want to Improve Their Style

While some men look stylish and well put together, some men wonder, how these guys are doing it perfectly?

Have you ever wonder, how can you look stylish as they do? Is there any secret to this?

Well, evidently, there are some important secrets and style tips for men.

No one was naturally born as a stylish guy. However, these men do pay attention to their style and have their strategy on how to be well put together. And that is the key to look stylish.

I believe the way you dress is an outward expression of who you are, therefore, it is important to pay a little attention to your wardrobe.

Creating a perfect look and being stylish may sound overwhelming, however, bring this skill into your life is much easier than you think. Like any other skill, you can improve it by understanding the basics, and continuous practice.

To improve your image and to look personally and professionally, we have come up with the 23 best style tips for men.

Go ahead and find out those secrets!

1. Practice Makes It Perfect

Dressing better can be a stressing when you do not know how to do it properly. However, Remember, “Practice Makes it Perfect”. 

Dressing well is a skill like any other skill that you can easily improve by practicing every single day and elevate your styling game regardless of the time and venue.

When you pay attention every time you dress up, you gradually will develop your style and you will be better at it. There is no doubt you will be the best-looking guy in the room.

2. Find the Style You Like the Most

Well, I have heard most of the guys saying that they do not know what style suits them best.

I get it!

But the best thing you can do to yourself to dress well is to find the style you like the most. However, there are a few great ways to find out your style.

Find anyone whose style you think looks better. Something you think you can pull off or you want to pull off.

It can be someone you might know personally, or celebrities, Fashion influencers. It can be anyone; however, you should like their style.

  • Take Advantage of The Resources:

Explore social media such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Here, you can easily find all kinds of styles you want. Read fashion-related blogs and magazines.

Again, find anyone whose style you think looks better. Something you think you can pull off or you want to pull off.

Then list them all and choose one or two people you like the most from the list. And try to pull that outfits off.

This method is very effective and I guarantee that you are going to look like million dollars.  

3. Get The Fits Right

Moxie Men's Fashion - Get the right fit

I always talk about this in almost all my articles. Guys, if you want to look sharp in any outfit, the key is to get the right fit.

Whatever you buy, always make sure they fit you well. An ill-fitted cloth is enough to ruin your style. Fit is the key factor when it comes to great style.

It is that important, matter of fact, due to the excess fabric; you won’t be able to keep body proportions properly. So, this will make you look sloppy, fatter, and shorter than you are.

There is doubt that the right fit can look effortlessly stylish even when you wear a plain white/black t-shirt and jeans.

Plus, you must be able to differentiate oversized clothes from ill-fitted clothes. Over-sized is meant to be worn the way it is, in contrast, the ill-fitted pieces are something that does not fit you well.

Stay away from those and always stick to the pieces that fit well.

4. Create Monochrome Outfit

Monochrome outfits mean “creating an outfit/ look based on one color or shades of the same color”.

Some consider this boring, while others killing the look. It is all about creativity, when you do it correctly, you will look stunning.

The colors can be Shades of blacks, Grays, Browns, Navy, and so on.

The advantages of this outfit are, easy to create the look, you are going to look lean, taller, and masculine.   

5. Make Connection With Style Community

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