London Fashion Week Day 3 – House Of Ikons Fashion Show

As fashion week drew to a close, the saying best until last was truly put to the test! I got to witness the latest collections of the likes of Dis is Me Coutoure, Ethnicroyals and many more…

For LFW Day 3, I decided to go with a bold-shouldered oversized blazer with reflective gems all over (from Nastygal), my grey jeans and glasses from Shein for the perfect monochrome look.

As for the shows, I couldn’t have been more impressed! This was my first time covering for The House Of Ikons Show.

Be Unique Be You

JUST WOW! What an incredible way to start the House oF Ikons Ikonic Kids Fashion Show!

Personally, I loved the fact that the designer had chosen to put all the models in boots. By doing so, they instantly made their designs feel more modern and exciting!

I adored all the prints and array of colours!


The first show of the day was Ethnicroyals. It was full of long floor-length capes and consistent yellow and blue colours. Every look in the collection looked cohesive and carefully crafted. I loved the African print details across parts of some outfits.

I love the cape-like feature which most of the pieces have. DEFINITELY, a trend to look out for!!!

I also noticed that these “pompom like” dresses were very new and fresh. Also, something I predict will be trending in the future!

Dis Is Me Couture

Dis is Me Couture truly stole the show. I am obsessed with the way they experimented with different shapes and figures. I also truly admire the way they “broke the boundaries”. All the models looked incredible. Their collection was everything I’d wear – perfect in every way!

Adriana Ostrowska

House of ikons london fashion week show

The Adriana Ostrowska had a very floral theme which was noticeable across the collection.

Personally, I loved the use of tulle and also capes (yet again)!

Athea Couture

london fashion week show

Athea Couture gave ultimate Princess vibes! With huge dresses and embellished corsets, the show took everyone’s breath away. I loved the layered skirts also.

Korn Taylor

One word: STUNNING. This entire collection is totally me! The sequins, the glitters, the pink. I mean, what more could a girl ask for?

Disney princesses + high fashion = Korn Taylor.

I adored their use of ruffle, tulle sleeves and also their paillette bodices.

This is 100% me in a collection!


Love Collection By Emily & Anna

To conclude the show, Love Collection by Emily & Anna put on a show-stopping presentation!

The traditional Vietnamese garments (such as the Kimono) and their bedazzled versions, were magnificent!

I admire how they put their own spin on existing trends.

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