Why You Need These 6 Classic Mulberry Bags

Why I Love Mulberry & 6 Classic Bags To Buy

I’ve had a bit of a roller coaster ride with Mulberry over the years. It was my first designer bag brand that I truly loved and that was back in 2011, I even met the founder, Roger Saul, at Kilver Court in Shepton Mallet where the brand was founded (there’s still an outlet shop there where I bought my very first Mulberry bag) as it’s not too far from my city of Bath. I used to love the fact that the bag designs were classic, yet cool, and were definitely affordable compared to other high end designers.

I own 6 Mulberry bags which I pretty much got between 2011-2013 and after that, I sort of went off the brand a bit in favour of others, and I will tell you why. Instead of all Mulberry bags being made in England where their factory was, they started outsourcing to China and Turkey which I thought was a bit unfair. Some were still made in England, but the majority were not and they were still keeping the same price tag even though they weren’t being made here. This really did put me off as they had had an increase in prices too, which I thought wasn’t right given the facts. However, a couple of years ago the brand did quite a large price increase (compared to what they used to cost) and I was even more shocked, but I didn’t realise why at the time.

Anyway, I wore my Mulberry Lily in Oak on holiday a few weeks ago (see here) and it really did reaffirm my love for it. I enjoyed looking at the bag and wearing it so much that I fell in love with the brand all over again as it was a joy to use. As we were driving back through Shepton Mallet, we decided to pop into the shop and check out the bags. I fell in love with the Oxblood Lily in there, but didn’t buy it because I was still unsure on the whole issue of what country the bags might be made in. However, I then found out that all Mulberry bags are now made in the UK and the UK only, so it’s an entirely British brand, and that’s why they put the prices up a bit. It made sense to me and I’m really pleased they have gone back to their roots! They even opened up another factory here to keep up with demands.

The Lily in Oxblood actually went on sale not long ago (it’s still available) and I got it as an early birthday present as I mentioned, and I checked the label and it does say ‘made in England’ so that really did cheer me up! The quality is absolutely amazing though, as it is on Mulberry bags, I truly can’t fault it there and it’s so classic! I’ve genuinely fallen in love with the brand all over again. I’ve always loved the Mulberry bags that I own and I am happy with the collection that I have, but there’s now so many more that I love and have been thinking about – especially the Small Darley!

Anyway, I wanted to do a blog post on the 6 classic Mulberry bags that I think are must haves if you are getting into the brand, or eve if you’re already a fan. I think Mulberry is very affordable compared to most brands like Celine, Louis Vuitton etc (which I also own) so if it’s your first brand, it’s a great place to start! If you don’t yet own one, I have some recommendations below on your first bag!

Mulberry Classic Lily

If you’re only getting one Mulberry bag, or your first one, I definitely recommend the Lily to you! It does come in 3 sizes – mini, regular, and medium – but the regular size here is ideal. I personally got this bag in Oak in 2012 for around £400 and it’s been one of my most loved. You can carry it on the shoulder or as a cross body and it’s perfect. It’s so roomy as well, despite its size, and the Oak tanned leather is just gorgeous. It’s one of the best! If Oak isn’t for you, it comes in so many other shades too, I would recommend Deer Brown, Taupe, Grey, Black or Oxblood! It’s such a classic!

Mulberry Small Darley

Unlike the Lily which has been a part of Mulberry for absolutely years, the Darley is fairly new-ish. Again, it comes in 3 different sizes, and for this one I recommended the smallest size, followed by the regular. It’s a really cute clutch size, very similar to a Chanel Wallet on Chain, but it’s much harder wearing and more classic. It still features the postman’s lock on the front and comes in so many colours as well, and is cheaper than the Lily, so if you prefer more of an evening style bag, the Darley is a great starting point!

Mulberry Heritage Bayswater

Now this is the most common Mulberry bag, it’s the one I see about all the time! It’s the Heritage Bayswater and you’re probably really familiar with it already. The Heritage Bayswater (previously known as just Bayswater) has been the brand’s most popular bag to date! I think it will remain a classic in their collection indefinitely. I recommend the Oak shade, or the black, as this is a great day bag for when you need to carry around a lot of items, so if you prefer your bags bigger, this is the one for you! It’s currently on sale too, so check it out!

Mulberry Bayswater Tote

As the Bayswater was so popular, Mulberry introduced different versions of it and one of the classics to follow was the Bayswater Tote. This is very similar to the Bayswater in design, but being a tote, it features an open top and no flap, so it’s a good casual bag for day wear. You can fit your laptop and all sorts in there, so it might even be suitable for work. I would say it’s akin to the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, but with a different design and thicker leather. So if you’re a fan of that bag, this one will be a good choice if you’re buying a Mulberry.

Mulberry Micro Zipped Bayswater

Again, another version of the Bayswater, this is the Micro Zipped option. It comes in 3 different sizes, with this one being the smallest, but I chose this one as it reminds me so much of my Celine Nano Luggage in Dune. So if you’re a fan of that bag that I own, this is a much more affordable option at £750 instead of £1700. If this is too small though, you can see the medium size here. The belt and buckle across the front also has an Hermes Kelly feel to it, in my opinion. It’s adorable though, so if you prefer more casual, smaller cross-body bags for day wear, this is ideal!

Mulberry Mini Alexa

Finally, the Mini Alexa! The Alexa was one of Mulberry’s iconic designs, way back in the day, inspired by the 2000’s style of non other than Alexa Chung (hence the name) and they actually stopped making it for a while, but it’s back! It comes in various sizes, and various colours, but I think the Mini Alexa version is the cutest and chicest. I remember falling in love with the Watermelon version from years ago, but I never purchased it. It gives me a lot of nostalgia to see this bag again and all of the shades it comes in! I think this cream option is beautiful, but of course, you can get it in black or oak, if you want to be a little more versatile, but I genuinely think this shade is perfect. When it comes to classic Mulberry bags, it doesn’t get anymore classic than this little must have bag!

So this is my roundup of 6 Mulberry bags that I think are classic and great pieces to venture into the brand with. The fact that you’re supporting a British (made in England) company is always good as well as it helps the economy to buy locally, but combining that with the quality and the timeless designs, I can’t fault the brand anymore and I can’t wait for my birthday so I can have my Lily in Oxblood! So, if you’re not familiar with Mulberry, check out these options! What do you think?

– This post is not sponsored, it’s written by myself based on my love of the brand. It does contain affiliate links, so by choosing to buy from my links (by clicking the bag name or image), you’re helping to keep Raindrops of Sapphire running. Thank you!


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