Best Bags To Travel With Kids Hassle-Free

Parents, when travelling with children, need to plan and organize their packing. This cannot be emphasized enough. Gone are the days of dumping in a couple of jeans and shirts and walking out the door. A suitcase for each member of the family maybe an overkill but it is always a good idea to pack according to your specific situation and constraints. 

Some of the well-known Indian luggage names are VIP, Safari, Caprese that have hard cover polypropylene suitcase sets which usually include a big, one medium and one small suitcase. There are also soft cover suitcases from travel accessory companies like Safari, Aristocrat, Delsey, Wildcraft and Skybags that are other Indian brands which specialize in travel luggage. Suitcases should ideally have some compartments on the inside and maybe a couple on the outside for quick access. They should be sturdy, durable and easy to manage and pack. A separate space for underwear, shoes and gadgets to be packed safely is a must. Wheeled suitcases are a no brainer, especially when you need to keep an eye and hand out for the child. 

Pro tip: 

1. The ultimate comfort when traveling with a toddler is to invest in a buggy rider suitcase. It has wheels and a baby seat attached at the top of the suitcase. Secure your baby comfortably on the trolley, with the given seat belt and glide them along easily. Mountain Buggy specializes in this kind of luggage though you might need to purchase from the US. It’s a worthy investment and something I wish I knew back in the day!

2. If you’re a single parent traveling with kids, a backpack may not be very handy especially if you have to access its contents frequently.

3. Especially if you’re traveling by train, ensure you do not keep food stuff in airbags or other cloth bags. We had a rat nibble right through our airbag and reach the food packet! 

Vidya Gupta

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