2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Tweens Kids

Looking for the ultimate 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Tweens and Kids? This list will get your ideas going for kids that are hard to shop for.

Gifting tween girls and children, in general, might be difficult if you don’t know where to begin. Asking your kids what they want could be a time-saver, but if they do answer, they will likely say, “I don’t know?” or give you a long list of things that are unrealistic. It’s important to think about your budget and whether the gift is age-appropriate or acceptable for your tween or child’s age, safety, and happiness.

Gift Guide for Tweens 2021

We’ve done the legwork for you so you don’t have to. For tweens, we’ve put up this list of gift ideas for 2021 that include everything from tried and true favorites to more modern items like the new Kindle Paperwhite, or electric scooters.

STEM-related toys and educational presents for children are also available, as are a few that encourage children to express themselves via art or play outside. Our 2021 holiday gift list for tweens has a lot of great ideas for presents for the kids in your life. 

Nintendo Switch Lite

With the Nintendo Switch Lite, you can bring your little ones along for the ride! The same Nintendo Switch as last year, but easier to use on the go and cheaper. However, despite its lack of an OLED-based update, the dedicated handheld is still compatible with nearly all of the same titles as Nintendo’s Switch. Additionally, the increased battery life should keep the youngsters occupied while you’re on the road this Christmas season.

Beginner’s Telescope

Stargazing for the first time might be a harrowing experience for those who have never done it before. It’s difficult to get started with telescopes that are overly sophisticated, have hidden features, or use perplexing attachments. Two of the most crucial elements to consider before purchasing a telescope are affordability and performance. With the Gskyer Instruments Infinity 70mm telescope, you get a high-quality telescope at a reasonable price of only $99.

Art Markers

As a parent, you may promote your children’s creativity by providing them with art equipment. Artist quality markers are excellent choices, as are drawing instruction books.

Cookbook for Young Chefs

Look no further than the Cookbook for Young Chefs if your child is a foodie who enjoys cooking. It was great to see the scientific expertise of America’s Test Kitchen being shared with the next generation of cooks. America’s Test Kitchen has designed the cookbook every kid chef should have on their bookshelf. ‘Good Food, Good Mood: A Recipe Journal‘ may be a lot of fun for her if she’s already established in her food craft!

LED bike lights

In addition to being a fun accessory for your kids to wear on their bikes, Activ Life’s colorful LED lights will help keep them safe while they ride. Waterproof and powered by AAA batteries, these bike lights may be set to strobe mode to make your kids even more noticeable.


The Original Sprinkles Tamagotchi and the newly released R2-D2 Tamagotchi provide a double dose of nostalgia. Clean, play and cherish your very own droid companion. R2 can learn new talents and play mini-games if you assist him. When you meet a new buddy on your journey, it might be as epic as the story itself.

Amazon Echo Glow

The Amazon Echo Glow isn’t your typical Echo gadget, but it does have a few unique features. An LED that can be dimmed and changed to one of 16 distinct colors with the touch of a lens is used instead of a microphone in Amazon’s kid-friendly night light. When used in conjunction with Alexa, it may be programmed to alert your children when it’s time to do things like brush their teeth or get ready for bed.

Clothes & Shoes

Girls typically want clothes, but be careful f you’re shopping for her! Her style and yours might be very different. It’s always best to ask her what stores are her favorites and give her a gift card to shop on her own. Not sure which store to pick? We have a few lists of the top tween clothing stores

The DJI Mini SE Drone

For the budding photographer or pilot, a drone is a wonderful gift, but it may be pricy. However, DJI’s entry-level model SE is a high-quality starter device that won’t entirely suck up your wallet. Simply the best $299 drone available, with a top-notch camera, top-notch software, and the ability to be tucked away in just about any location. For a much more affordable drone option. try the DEERRC Drone for $89

Battery-Powered Bike

Electric-powered bikes are great for all ages. New, smaller commuter-style bikes are among the most affordable options available. Depending on which battery you choose, it can travel anywhere from 35 to 60 miles on a single charge. Try the Hurley hybrid electric bike or the compact Jetson Electric Bike


As a fun way to spend time with your family, Catan is a modern classic that belongs in every gaming room. You must build, trade, and settle the island of Catan before your opponents in order to win the popular strategy game. Optional expansions provide more islands, barbarians, and other gameplay components so you may make the game even tougher.

Kindle Paperwhite Kids

This year’s Kindle Paperwhite for kids arrives. With a one-year subscription to Amazon’s Kids Plus, a service that allows access to thousands of kid-friendly books and other content, the Children’s Edition costs the same as the base model. It comes with two years of free replacement if your youngster drops it while tearing across the living room, so there’s no need to worry.

Kindle Paperwhite Kids Includes access to thousands of books, a kid-friendly cover, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee

All-Star Chuck Taylor High Top Converse

Chuck Taylors, which were originally designed for basketball, have become almost universally worn by everyone from celebrities to politicians. Among the best features of these shoes is that you may personalize every aspect of them, from canvas uppers to the trademark heel stripe, or you can choose from a variety of colors and simple designs to purchase.

GizmoWatch 2

Verizon’s kid-friendly GizmoWatch 2 is a great present because kids always desire what grown-ups have. With a few parental settings and a GPS tracker, the waterproof smartwatch lets you keep tabs on your youngster while also allowing them a little more freedom. So you’re never out of touch, it has a step counter and lets you phone or text up to 10 trusted contacts. Fun accessories like these colorful, interchangeable wrist bands and screen protectors can be found on Amazon.

Apple Watch SE

Those who can’t afford the latest and greatest Apple Watch Series 7 can choose the Apple Watch SE from last year. Apple’s latest wearable doesn’t have an always-on display or blood oxygen monitoring, but it does have the best smartwatch software on the market for a fraction of the cost.

Kids Diaries and Journals

Fill-in Journals for kids and illustrated diaries are becoming a popular item for kids and tweens. From travel journals to gratitude and mindfulness journals, there is something for everyone. A fun, interactive journal that they can look back on fondly for years to come.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids

With a protective bumper, a 2-year warranty, and parental controls that allow you to limit the information your children can access, the Fire HD 8 Kids tablet is exactly the same as its conventional counterpart. You can get your child access to a multitude of age-appropriate content on the Kindle Paperwhite Kids, which comes with a year-long subscription to Amazon Kids Plus.

Lite-Brite classic

Everyone loves old-school video games. In 1983, the games industry revolved around Simon Says and Lite-Brite. Still, the Lite-Brite is a wonderful toy that helps children to express themselves through their own unique designs. Kids of all ages can create awe-inspiring works of art on a screen that is illuminated by bulbs. Colored glow pegs and six different templates are included in the set.

Oculus Quest 2

Nearly all of us were able to experience the outdoors using Oculus Quest 2 for quite some time. With the weather warming up, this headset is still one of the greatest ways to enjoy virtual reality. In contrast to other headsets, the Oculus Quest 2 is completely self-contained, making it appear like a truly futuristic product.

Electric Scooter

Kids will adore riding on the Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter. Although it may be a challenge for children to master their balance and coordination on such a large platform, features like front hand brakes and rear-wheel drive allow them to do so with greater ease. In addition, the scooter has an incredible 80-minute run time!

Portable Speaker with Bluetooth

The MusiBaby Bluetooth portable speaker is an outstanding speaker at an affordable price of only $28. There’s a lot of volume in this cylinder-shaped speaker, and it can connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time and last up to 1500 minutes on a single charge. Oh, and it’s waterproof, too!

Rocks, Crystals, Fossils

Rocks are a favorite among children who are interested in science and the natural world. There are over 200 different types of rocks and fossils included in the NatGeo Rocks and Fossils Kit, which also includes a magnifying glass and an identification sheet to help you describe each rose quartz crystal and prehistoric tooth in the well-kept fossil bed. If she’s a fan of crystals, amethyst, quartz, and rutilated quartz, or obsidian are great choices.

Planet (the game)

You may get your kids interested in the environment at a young age by playing Planet board game. The family-friendly strategy game requires players to construct 3D planets, each with its own unique environment, over the course of 12 rounds. Because the game is so easy to understand and play, it’s one of the most appealing aspects of the game.

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