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Fall fashion is officially here! And more importantly, Thanksgiving Day Outfits. Let’s be honest, cool weather gets us excited about our wardrobes again. We can finally whip out our cozy sweaters, over-the-knee-boots, and chic duster coats. Another reason to be excited about fall is Thanksgiving. The holiday where all you do is eat pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and all the other Thanksgiving essentials. I always have one invasive question revolving around this holiday – what am I going to wear?

It takes a serious strategy to look stylish, feel comfortable, and feast on the endless food presented to you. Thanksgiving Day Outfits vary as much as the tablescapes. We all have different traditions for Thanksgiving Day – whether that be going to a fancy dinner or hanging out with friends and family. But one variable remains the same, looking cute and feeling comfortable. And to top off a perfect outfit, we need the most stylish shoes possible. Continue reading to get inspired by our favorite Thanksgiving Day Outfits ideas, including the perfect shoe.

1. Thanksgiving With Friends

Holidays are the perfect excuse to go all out with your outfits. However, when it comes to Friendsgiving, you also want to be extremely comfortable. A pair of light wash jeans, sneakers, and a unique crop top will be comfortable yet still on-trend. Pair this look with a pair of flats or sneakers!

2. Black on Black

Keep it simple this Thanksgiving and wear a black sweater and skirt. However, a black-on-black outfit may fall flat if you wear the same fabric from head to toe. Make sure you had elements of leather, velvet, wool, embroidery, denim, or faux fur. These elements will add dimension to your outfit while also creating a look of upscale luxury. Now, you may be wondering what shoes do I wear with this? Simple, add a fun colored heel or just plain black boots.

3. Dressing for the Warmer Weather

Do you live somewhere warm all year? Well, this is the perfect outfit for you. Pair a brown leather jacket with your favorite long skirt and a simple crop top. This outfit is perfect for those who want to be more adventurous with their shoe choice. A pair of platform booties or comfortable high heels would look exceptional with this fashion-forward Thanksgiving number.

4. White Long Sleeve and Black High Rise Jeans

We all know that comfort is key during Thanksgiving time. We don’t want to be put together but also don’t want to be wearing our everyday sweatpants. This outfit is perfect Thanksgiving Day Outfitsto throw on and feel confident and put together without trying too hard. We all have a white long sleeve shirt and any style of black jeans. I would style this outfit with black boots and call it a day!

5. Chunky Sweater and Leather Pants

Thanksgiving Day Outfits when in doubt, turn to a chunky sweater. Add leather pants, a black overcoat, and any color boots for an effortless holiday look. 

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