Top 5 Things Need to Get Back to Work

Many companies are opening up again, and after over 18 months in pajamas, it can be exciting to be wearing real clothes again! Last year, we were all in our cubicles and stuffy work clothes, but quarantine has helped the fashion world learn to be comfortable and stylish. A lot of people are transitioning back, and the anxiety about what to wear is a little nerve-wracking.

If you are a fashionista with a distinct style, you are most likely not reading this post. But if you are hopelessly confused about what to wear back in the office, here are some essential and cool items to add to your work wardrobe. Unfortunately, it is time to say goodbye to loungewear and take on pants that zip and button.

Power Suit

Nothing screams “I am ready to be back” like a power suit. Casual Friday and casual everything has often become the norm for people, but that does not mean you have to tone yourself down. A power suit is a business staple, and it makes you look like you are ready to take on the world. A well-made suit can add so much power and confidence to a person. It really is a stand-out piece while still being an essential item in your work closet.

Power suits can be mixed and matched, and they have been deemed as trendy by the fashion world. As a result, they now also come in an endless amount of cuts and colors. Power suits are extremely versatile and can be worn together or separately depending on the event.

If you are a subtle fashion lover, opt for neutral tones and colors, but a bright power suit never hurt anyone. Vibrant colors can even make the workday seem a little less mundane. It is an extremely versatile piece that can be layered and swapped endlessly. Even the material of a power suit can be customized to accommodate your location’s climate.

Chunky Black Boot

The weather is getting colder, and most workplaces require closed-toe shoes, so what is a better staple than a chunky black boot? Boots are a staple annually, and colder weather is the perfect excuse to make a new shoe purchase. The “chunky” boot trend is very “in” and the large, heavy soles make walking much more comfortable for walking than kitten heels.

Luckily, chunky black boots also come in a variety of styles and thicknesses. This means there is the perfect chunky black boot out there for any corporate fashion-lover.

The chunky boot pays an homage to the increasingly androgynous style we see today. Chunky boots were traditionally enjoyed by men but have now become commonplace between women and men. It matches surprisingly well with multiple work items and is surprisingly comfy.

Plain Comfy Sneaker

Depending on how relaxed your workplace is, you could consider getting a plain comfy sneaker. Bonus points if they’re white because they match with everything. It is definitely a questionable workpiece as not every office will receive sneakers warmly. Sneakers are arguably the most comfortable footwear item in the world. Choosing a simple sneaker in a neutral color will make it the perfect work addition. A work sneaker makes being comfortable and classic a possibility.

Knee-Length LBD

The Little Black Dress is a staple in every person’s closet, and for good reasons. It is flattering, aesthetically pleasing, and easy. But an LBD is not limited to the weekends. Opting for a longer length can make an LBD extremely work-appropriate. If your office is a little more formal, you can add closed-toe heels and a blazer to complete the work look without sacrificing your dress. If your workplace is fairly relaxed, slip on the sneakers mentioned above and continue about your day.

Having an LBD in your closet is great because they are extremely versatile, so do not let yours collect dust until the weekend. Break it out for work. They are the perfect canvas that can be manipulated with layers and texture to create the perfect workplace-friendly piece.

A Formal Dress (for the Christmas After Parties)

Having formal dresses on hand never hurt anyone. If your workplace is a little more traditional, it could be common to have a formal work event. This can be scary for a lot of young professionals who are experiencing these events for the first time. If it is an equivalent red-carpet event, a formal dress would be the most appropriate option. On less formal events, longer skirts or tailored dress pants are also great options when paired with a nicer blouse.

Welcome back to in-person work, and have fun dressing up again!

Disclosure:  This article was written by a guest author.

Sophie Wood

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