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Gucci diaper bags have been on the market for years now, and every luxury designer loving mom yearns to own one of these stylish accessories. Ever since the 1970s, when the GG logo was established as the symbol of Gucci’s design and heritage, the GG diaper bag has been the talk of the fashion mom scene. With celebrity moms such as Nicole Richie and Halle Berry flaunting this bag around, most high-fashion moms definitely want this bag for themselves.

Gucci diaper bags are manufactured using premium quality GG imprinted canvas that ensures durability, and is also environmentally friendly. The overall layout of these bags is that of a classic diaper bag and consists of a fold-out changing mat, two exterior pockets on the back, elasticized interior pockets, nylon lining, and a closing flap with a magnetic or simple flap closure (depending on the model).

The diaper bag can be buckled onto a stroller or even worn on the shoulder or across the body, whichever style you are most comfortable with. The shoulder strap is adjustable and can be adapted to the needs of the person carrying it.

Colours and Sizes

Gucci diaper bags saw a splurge in colour after the original beige GG Canvas Diaper Bag was introduced, with new versions occasionally being released to this day. There are currently four versions in the official Gucci collection, all having the same signature interlocking GG pattern on the imprinted canvas.

GG Plus Diaper Bag

The GG Plus diaper bag, which is the most affordable amongst the four, bears a striking resemblance to the 1970s original GG diaper bag due to its beige colour. The square-shaped flap and the dark brown leather strap give it a stylish and decent look, and the neutral colours make it easy to pair with any outfit.

Price: $1,290
Dimensions: 17.3″W x 11″H x 5.5″D

GG Supreme Diaper Bag

The GG Supreme Diaper bag comes in a gorgeous black colour, and Gucci’s logo is printed all over it, paying homage to Gucci’s roots. With the magnetic flap closure, adjustable stroller snap feature, and black and red web strap, this Gucci bag screams attention and comfort.

Price: $1,690
Dimensions: 17.5″W x 11″H x 5.5″D

GG Multi Colour Canvas aka the Pink Gucci Diaper Bag

Go all pink with the GG Multicolor Canvas diaper bag and embrace new possibilities. The interlocking-brand logo, pink canvas, and skin-colored strap give this bag a unique and vivid outlook. Bright colours have become a part of Gucci’s label and are synonymous with Alessandro Michele, the current creative director at Gucci. 

Price: $1,690
Dimensions: 14.2″W x 12.2″H x 5.1″D

This version is currently sold out on the Gucci website but the following is a good alternative:

Baby Nina Dzyvulska Print Diaper Bag

Nina Dzyvulska, an independent illustrator and graphic designer from Ukraine, added her fruity touch and vibrant colour idea onto this diaper bag. This Gucci bag has the same design and structure as the GG Plus diaper bag, but it stands out due to the bright coloured bananas drawn all over the bag with a vivid orange coloured strap.

Price: 1,485
Dimensions: W44cm x H28cm x D14cm

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