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How Does 50 Cent Spend His Money?

50 Cent is known was his rapping skills and one of the best in the industry to do it. However, with so much success there comes some woes in sense of finance. Like who can control that much money, right?

He reported $184,969 as his monthly income, most of which comes in from G-Unit branded deals in films, music and television. 50 Cents have many homes of which his main home was previously owned by boxer Mike Tyson.

The home has 21 bedrooms with eight-car garage, movie theatre, which its valuation at around $.25 million. He also has other spaces, with investment in Atlanta and Long Island and New Jersey property investments.

He spends $70,000 alone on his maintenance of his three homes and one of the first business ventures was partnership with Glacéau to create an enhanced water drink called Formula 50.

In 2004, 50 Cent became the spokesperson of the beverage company and was paid with minority share in the company and became the beverage investor.

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