4 Key Things to Remember if Your Partner Is Blackmailing You

Without a doubt, being a victim of blackmail can make you feel miserable. In such situations, your partner might compel you to do something that does not please you. Even when such instances can be terrifying, there are things you ought to remember. Read on to get a sense of how to respond to blackmails from your partner.

Keep Calm

Note that a blackmailing partner will pressure you to do what they want. They, therefore, will require you to answer immediately. They can persuade you to respond instantly by stating that the demand aims to benefit both of you. Your partner will also repeat the demand in an attempt to make you give in.

When you’re in such an intense situation, you might be upset and feel like going by your partner’s demands. However, remember that there are other possibilities you can opt for to help solve the issue. Therefore, it would help you remain calm and inform your partner that you need time to think of what would benefit you. This gives you enough time to come up with a clear plan.

Spot Your Triggers

Since you have been in a relationship with your partner for a while, they understand you well. They, therefore, know how to provoke a reaction. Therefore, you need to note your triggers and find ways to suppress them. By doing this, you’ll take all the power from your partner, and thus they cannot manipulate you.

Note that sexual coercion is also a path your partner can go for. When you don’t want to engage intimately, they will still convince you into it. It would be wise to let a sex crimes attorney handle your case in such a situation.

Recognize What is Blackmail

When you are a victim of blackmail, it can be overwhelming, and you can be confused about what is and what’s not blackmail. First, you need to understand that not all actions from your partner are blackmail. Keep in mind that both of you have the right to set your boundaries if need be.

This said, when your partner sets their boundaries, remember not to resist them. The only time this will be blackmailing is when they use threats or pressure to control your actions. Hence, be cautious about how your partner exercises their right to restate their boundaries.

Begin a Conversation

It is certain that blackmailing partners only focus on how their demand will satisfy their needs without thinking of how it’ll affect you. Let them know how it is negatively affecting you would help hold a conversation. During the talk, inform your partner of how their actions or words cause you to suffer.

In addition, before you start the conversation, pay attention to your safety. Only engage with your partner if you feel physically and emotionally safe. To know whether it’s the right time to talk, focus on your partner’s behavior. With such a safe space, you will have the courage to open up to your concerns.

The bottom line is, everyone deserves happiness. If you have a blackmailing partner, consider confronting them if you feel safe. When setting a strategy for doing so, always remember the key aspects that will help you in the blackmail situation.

Sophie Wood

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