Like the title says…. long time, no see.

It’s been awhile since I have posted anything , one of those things when one has no inspiration. It’s been such a roller coaster last few years for all of us.   So I hope most of you are doing well and keeping sane.

FASHION was really one of the least important things….  after so many lockdowns . Why dress up when easy dressing was the thing. Lounge wear, sweatpants or sleepwear  were so comfortable.    I know some blogger were great at posting their  casual stay at home styles. 

Well the more I  got to thinking the blog became less of interest, and I just needed a break. But now with spring around the corner I hope to get back into posting a bit more.

Starting with the new film that is out , House of Gucci story. I had no idea that was the world of  Gucci, the crime.  It looks very interesting , especially with Lady Gaga in the key role  of the wife and Adam Driver playing the part of Gucci.   

Have you seen the film? 

Another interesting film coming out  is the Diana film with Kristen Stewart. Amazing how similar she looks to Diana. The fashions of the time, and the life of a royal.  A look back that seems to never tire.

If you have seen them, it be interesting to know  your impressions of them.

Share your thoughts.

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