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Together Forever

As a celebration of Valentines day, I want to introduce you to a longtime couple (Mark & Mildred Trilobite), celebrating 537 Million years together. That’s a true Love Connection! They became a couple in the Cambrian Seas, near what is now known as Delta, Utah.

True Love

It was not love at first site, but eventually a close bond was formed; a very strong bond indeed; a bond not broken until mid 2015, when these lovebirds were extracted from a fossil pit on a hot desert day. They were given a bath and a quick cleanup, then carried to Tucson, Arizona, where I discovered them in a hotel room, at a fossil show, still cuddling.

The pair were not quite a heart-shape, but close enough for a bond of this strength.

As I wire wrapped this stunning Trilobite couple, tears formed in my eyes thinking about how they were together in life and death; a true love story.

My wife said this was such a great true love story I had to share it.

Here are a few other Trilobites for you to enjoy.

Single Utah Trilobites can be very special, large and flaw free. Most still have their “cheeks”, making them better than most Trilobite fossils I see. Most Trilobites were smaller, like this one, but I have seen them over 16″ tall. This one is Elrathia Kingi, one of most common Trilobites from Delta, Utah.
A lovely Family group.
A nice little family of Trilobites from Utah
Sometimes people will ask “Are these actually real? To prove that they are I usually just show them the backs.

You can visit Mark & Mildred as well as other Trilo family members on our Trilobite page. You may see some other unusual love couples there.


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