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HEARTS have been on the workbench off and on lately. This blog is to simply show some of the hearts we have available for your Valentine. Your Valentine gift choices are plentiful at Snobappealjewelry.com and

Megalodon teeth arrangement
Megalodon Teeth could be your ticket to Love. The largest one here is about 5″.
Thomsonite pendant
A North Shore Thomsonite sporting classic eyes and coloration.
Ocean jasper heart pendant
Ocean Jasper (Now mined out) is a colorful choice that can be worn with anything.
There were a wide variety of colors and patterns in Ocean Jasper. This coloration is unusual. I love the eyes in this one also. You could wear this with anything.
This Triobite couple has been cuddling for over 300 million years..
Luna Agate
Mexican Crazy Lace Agate.


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