RAINY DAYS WITH NATURINO – Les enfants à Paris

Go outside
Explore the great outdoors with laminated fact-filled bingo cards to help children learn to identify different plants, trees and wildlife, even in the city. Make sure to keep eyes peeled for creepy-crawlies that love the wet weather.

Dig it
Grab your buckets and spades and take them outside for hours of fun, whether it’s making mud pies or digging over the allotment while the soil is soft and damp. Try creating prehistoric-looking landscapes for toy dinosaurs to roam.

Splash about
Make a rain-gauge or water collector out of plastic bottles and use them as a starting point to explore eco-friendly ways to conserve rainwater for household and garden use.

Get creative
Draw around puddles with chalk to create puddle monsters. Watch them evaporate and observe science in action. Use a stopwatch to time how long it takes for them to disappear – you can even turn it into a race.

Take shelter
If it’s really pouring, head indoors for a cosy time. Create a snug environment by building a pillow fort or den. Change into comfy loungewear for extra cosiness when playing board games and reading storybooks. Fairy lights add the final flourish.

Hunker down
Make popcorn (in a saucepan with a clear lid to make the most of the visual spectacle) and watch films while the rain patters on the windows. Naps almost guaranteed.

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Photo’s taken by our dear friend Emily Kornya.

Emily is known for her natural and playful style of her photos, letting the kids be themselves, be imaginative and react naturally to their environments. She loves interacting with the children and enjoys engaging and playing with them while shooting.

Emily works all over the world with frequent clients in; Berlin, Florence, London, New York, Paris, Poznań, Toronto … and is always happy to travel more!

Les Enfants a Paris

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