My Bout With Omicron

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Thank you all for your kind words regarding my retirement later this year.

I had hoped to make it to my retirement without too many bumps along the way. Ha! I was exposed to Covid and boom! The Omicron variant got me, my husband, and maybe little Never.

My husband, Michael and I followed all the CDC and Kaiser guidelines. We isolated, quarantined, rested, read, hydrated, recuperated, cancelled, and rescheduled our lives.  We had mild symptoms and thankfully nobody we were close to before our diagnosis tested positive, including our grandchildren. Little Never had an upset tummy so I wonder if she had a little canine version of Covid.

I thought everyone I knew was really careful, including me, but I got it somewhere, so maybe not.  I did not receive a notification that I had been exposed, it remains a mystery.

Enough about Covid!

How are you? I know some of you have also been dealing with Covid. This past January I had more than one cancellation due to the virus.

We’ve all had to re-arrange our schedules recently

Speaking of cancellations and rescheduling, I will do my best to reschedule any of you that need to move your appointment due to the virus.

The best way to reach me is by text at 510-545-2955.  

Please respond as soon as you can when I offer an alternative appointment day and time. I often have several people on my waiting list and I want to accommodate all of you in a timely manner.  

Now, let’s enjoy the remainder of February and soon Spring will be here!

Spring is around the corner!

For future appointments, please call 510-545-2955 or email, [email protected] or click here to book online. 

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Other News – Meet My Neighbors 

Photo credit: Maria C. Hunt

A shout out to our wonderful neighbors! Amazing restaurants on our block here at Swans Market were recently featured in Eater SF. Read the full article here and check out the restaurants below.

Huang Cheng Noodle House

The Cook and Her Farmer

Cupcakin’ Bakery

Dela Curo Curry


La Guerrera’s Kitchen


Miss Ollie’s

Souvenir Coffee


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