Ways to say I Love You this Valentine’s

Just like the immortal lyrics by Kenny Rogers – “I just want to say I love You” there’s always a moment where one wants to create a unique way to say I love you. To sum up all our feelings and show our someone special, how much they mean to us.

There have been significant romantic gestures like the Taj Mahal, Shah Jahan’s immortal icon of love for Mumtaz Mahal. Or the hanging gardens of Babylon by King Nebuchadnezzar II for his wife, Or when Tsar Nicholas II gave his wife Alexandra Feodorovna this Faberge egg to commemorate the birth of his son Alexei Nikolaevich. There have been many moments in history where such gifts and tokens of love have brought a whole other meaning to love. Love is more than just a feeling or a reason to be with someone. It’s life itself! It needs such moments where we can say with our hearts at the ready, “I love you”.


And there’s no better time to bring all of it together than Valentine. The perfect moment to surprise your intended, make their smile brighter than ever and augment those three beautiful words with a gift. This season of Love Candere wants you to have the most elegant and precious ways to say ‘I Love You.’ to your special someone.

There are so many things you can do to make your loved one feel special.


Handmade Gifts

Find a perfect gift that shows the depth and care in your love the same depth that goes into handcrafted gifts made with care and passion to reflect the joys of life and love. Make this Valentine a memorable event and add the spark of beauty and elegance to it.

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Dinner For Two

Take your intended out for a beautiful evening and show them you have planned everything with candle light dinner and a beautiful gift to brighter their smile. A perfect complement to your moment to say ‘I love you.’ this valentine with our besotted collection. Love is like a canvas, paint it with the radiance of diamonds and gold this valentine with Candere.

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Valentine Jewellery to Gift

Surprise your valentine with the luster and essence of love in a jewellery piece designed  to show your love. Gift a promise in the moment when you utter those magical words with our new valentine love designs. Diamonds and gold have always stood the test of time; they immortalize jewellery and give them the essence of beauty and elegance. A perfect gift for a perfect valentine that is meant to signify love.

This Valentine Day Say it With Candere


The Perfect Evening

Cook a lovely meal and end the evening with a beautiful ring or earrings as a high note
Do not let the daily hustle of life stop you from using the comfort and simplicity of making your loved one feel special. Cook a dinner with all their favorites and give the evening a perfect finish with a unique gift.

Our latest valentine besotted collection is here to make a statement and flutter the besotted hearts of all those love birds out there. This new collection has all new designs handcrafted with love and happiness in mind, not just for love birds but for anyone who wants to show they care and love more than they have said before. 

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