The Best Handbag Organizers Of 2022 for Louis Vuitton Bags

A handbag organizer is a must-have for any woman who carries a lot of things in her purse. It helps to keep everything organized and easy to find.

There are many types of handbag organizers available, but the most popular ones are the ones that come with a clip that attaches to your bag’s handle or straps. This way you can access your items quickly and easily without having to open up the whole bag. These handbag organizers will bring order to the mess of your Louis Vuitton bags.

Should I Get an Organizer For My Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag?

Yes, I highly recommend it. It’s a good idea to get an organizer for your Neverfull to make sure that all your stuff stays put and you don’t lose anything at the bottom of your bag. As far as I’m concerned, a bag organizer is the best investment you can make if you own a Neverfull.

You can find a bunch of different organizers for the Neverfull bag in this article.

What Is a Bag Organizer?

A bag organizer is a bag or box that you place inside your purse or tote bag. You store your essentials in the bag organizer, and then when you change purses, all you have to do is lift the organizer out of one purse and place it in another.

It sounds simple, but it’s amazing how helpful having a bag organizer can be. I love having one because I never want to dig through my purse looking for something – especially when I’m in a hurry!

What Are The Benefits of Using an Organizer?

First, it’s an excellent way to protect your bag. If you’ve ever accidentally placed your wallet or cell phone on the bottom of the Neverfull and it got wet, then you’ll understand why. The base of the Neverfull can get dirty, especially if you set it down on dirty surfaces like the floor in public restrooms. If you put an organizer in your bag, then all of your items will be protected from any dirt that may come into contact with the inside of your bag.

Second, bag organizers make finding things in your bag quick and easy. With a purse organizer in your handbag, everything has its place, so you won’t be scrambling to find whatever it is that you’re looking for.

Thirdly, bag organizers prevent your items from shifting back and forth in the bottom of your bag, which can cause scratches on either leather or vinyl depending on what material your Neverfull is made out of. You may not think that this is a big deal but when you have an expensive designer handbag like a Neverfull, every little scratch counts!

Finally, one of my favorite things about having an organizer is that it makes changing purses so much easier. In the past, when I changed purses I would have to take everything out of my old purse and put it in my new purse. It was such a pain! Now all I have to do is take my organizer out of my old purse and put it into my new purse.

What to Store In Your Bag Organizer?

You can store things like make-up, pens, tissues, wallet, keys, earphones, hand sanitizer, mask, sunglasses, perfume, hair accessories, phone in a bag organizer, literally everything that you need. You can also use one for your cell phone, wallet, or even keys. When you don’t have an organizer for these items, it is easy to lose track of them. That is the last thing that you want to happen when you are going to school or work or traveling.

It is important to remember that not all organizers are created equal, some are larger than others. You may want to purchase one that has extra pockets so that you can carry more items with you.

Best Organizers for Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bags

ZTUJO Organizer

This organizer is one of the most popular ones. You can choose from 5 sizes according to your bag size. It has a wide range of colors, 18 colors. It has a key chain and 13 pockets in different sizes. Has removable zipper middle section. Made of lightweight and sturdy material. The guidance on the website will help you to choose the best size for your bag.

Medium size price: $15.88

Omystyle Organizer

You can choose from 16 colors and from 4 sizes, on the website, there is detailed guidance about which size would be the perfect fit for your bag. This organizer has 12 pockets in different sizes to make sure your all essentials would fit inside the pockets. It is made from lightweight material but is still able to protect your bag from any damage that can happen inside your bag.

Medium size price: $15.99

Lexsion Organizer

This organizer was made of super lightweight wool blended material and the outer lining is wool. The organizer has 9 pockets and a middle zipper removable section. One of the pockets has a size for a small iPad or Kindle. You can choose from 21 colors and 5 sizes. You can even store a water bottle in it and all your essentials. The website has detailed guidance for the perfect fit.

Medium size price: $21.25

Vercord Organizer

This organizer has a different structure and design and material. It is made of nylon which is really advantageous it makes the material waterproof so it’s easier to clean and also super lightweight. This organizer has a special future, it has two straps so you can move it quickly and easily. It has 10 insert pockets, 2 zipper pockets, and 1 big zipper compartment. The organizer has 2 sizes and 21 colors and printed fabrics, there are some special flower designs if you are looking for exciting styles. You can close the top of the organizer with a zipper.

Medium size price: $12.99

Doxo Organizer

The organizer has 10 pockets in total and it comes with a base so you don’t only get an organizer but also a base. The base helps your bag to keep its shape. It was made of felt material that’s why it’s lightweight. You can choose from 3 colors and 3 sizes.

Medium size price: $25.39


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