Crystals & More: ONLINE 8 Week Series

Take your crystal & intension practice to the next level.

This series was created for all levels of experience, and we are starting the event with an Energy Neutralization session with a special guest. We are made up of energy; the spirit is energy; Kerri speaks and transcribes that energy. We are gifted with an internal guidance system, five physical senses, and eight spiritual (either) senses; Kerri has been aware of all these senses since a child. It was a journey of learning and growing that helped her develop her faith in mind-body-spirit and either energy. To not only heal her own body but to embrace her journey on this adventure of human experience.

Kerri has a lot of knowledge to bring to personal energy assessments, and she uses crystals and the art of numerology as her tools of choice to work with either system. In this series, she will be sharing her knowledge of Crystals and other tools she often uses to navigate the ether energies. 

Pre pay now: $97 – Early Bird Access

Workshop series:

  • BONUS SRT Energy Clearning/Nuetralization 
  • 1) Crystals 101
  • 2) Let’s Talk Crystals
  • 3) Meditation & Crystals
  • 4) Manifesting with Crystals
  • 5) Crystal Grids 101
  • 6) Crystals & Your Gifts
  • 7) Crystals & Pendulums
  • 8) Crystals, Signs, & Colours

The principles of manifesting are the result of thoughts and feelings projected out into the world. The more concise the intention and the more directed the thought, the more favourable the outcome is. Thoughts and feelings are vibrations that attract whatever it is we wish to manifest. 

We know energy is vibrations. We can increase your awareness and attention to fully leverage the opportunities as they arise and prepare for the day’s energy that aligns with the energies you are putting out. Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Even things that look solid are made up of vibrational energy fields at the quantum level. This includes you.” Each of these levels has a vibrational frequency, which combines to create your overall vibration of being. 


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