Six Different Types of Amethyst ~ Purple, Cape, Pink and 3 more…

Six different types of Amethyst are Purple Amethyst, Cape Amethyst, Pink Amethyst, Mossy Amethyst, Ametrine and Prasiolite. The first four are related to the shade or form of the Amethyst crystal, and are all ‘true’ Amethysts. The last two are closely related to the Amethyst gemstone but are different varieties.

These are not the only types of Amethyst, there are others such as Auralite, Brandberg Amethyst and Cactus Quartz. There can also be a few synonyms for the same type of Amethyst, for example Cape Amethyst is also known as Chevron Amethyst.

Note that many names in the gemstone industry are ‘trade names’ or common names given to a particular shade (e.g. Pink Amethyst) or source of a gemstone (e.g. Siberian Amethyst), however in gemology (the study of gems / precious stones) there is only one scientifically correct name i.e. “Amethyst”.



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