Expert Advice: Mint Global Marketing Has The Best…

Expert Advice: Mint Global Marketing Has The Best Pinterest Tips For Your Brand

Businesses worldwide use Pinterest as a way to reach new audiences, grow their business, and gain new subscribers and followers. In this article, Mint Global Marketing will give you their best advice for utilizing Pinterest to its full potential.

Mint Global Marketing is a digital marketing agency with 30 years of experience with growing businesses and marketing.

Learn about Pinterest

It is pretty tricky to decide which social media platform is best for your business. Every social media platform has its own set of users, and they are all different. You won’t talk to Twitter users the same way you’d communicate with Pinterest users.

Each platform has its own inside jokes, slang, etc. You need to understand them. If you don’t, you will come off as an advertiser just trying to milk money from the community and, in turn, lose any goodwill you may gain.

So spend time browsing the platform if you haven’t and learn about the people that use it.


Vertical Images

Most people that browse Pinterest do so on a mobile phone; therefore, your content should be created for them. Images with an aspect ratio of 2:3 are best, as it avoids awkward cropping for users browsing on their phone.

Be sure that your images and videos are high quality, not pixelated, and that they pop and draw people in. If they’re boring, low quality, etc., people are just going to skip over them. You can check out our Pinterest page at for inspiration!

Quality Copy Text

You need your descriptions to be thought out. When you create your descriptions, spend time thinking about SEO, keywords, etc. Encourage Pinterest users to click links, and take action. Ensure that all of your links work and are easy to click on mobile.

Mint Global Marketing points out that they see many businesses make the mistake of only having links to their business in obscure places on their profile. You have to remember that each post you make will have new eyes, and you have to give them an easy way to check out your business.


Don’t Forget Branding

Even on Pinterest, branding is important. Every post you make, every description you write, everything you do needs to be in line with your brand. As mentioned above, you should alter yourself a little bit to fit in with the Pinterest community and talk to them.

However, do not forget who you are overall. If your brand is funny, crack some jokes; if it’s serious, be serious but not too serious.


You can post many different pins to promote a product if you have any. You can take videos or post carousels to showcase multiple products. Remember, you need to post more than just your products and advertisements.

Mint Global Marketing suggests posting engaging pins to bring in potential customers. They can browse your profile and find the few advertisements you do post. However, if you only post advertisements, then many people will just scroll right past them.

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