Empowering Women For 25 Years: Celebrating Our Silver Anniversary

It’s March, which means we’re excited to celebrate Women’s Month, but to add even more anticipation for us at Silpada in 2022, it’s also our 25th anniversary! Throughout the years, our most important passion at Silpada has been (and will be) empowering all women to be the best versions of themselves. Through our jewelry, various programs, and charity partnerships, we’ve taken unbelievable strides in achieving that goal—making great friends along the way!

In reflection, our community of intelligent, inspiring, hardworking, and generous women is the brightest and most brilliant aspect of our history. From our customers (like you!) and creative artisans to our hard-working Silpada team and Brand Ambassadors—we are where we are today because of all of you. 

In honor of this, we’ve curated our Silver Anniversary Collection, featuring styles selected by the women of Silpada through 25 years of successes and trends. From iconic Silpada styles loved by thousands to Artisan-designed jewelry that tells its own story, you’ll find a little bit of our history in each and every one of these wonderful pieces. 

As an added tribute, we’re interviewing and spotlighting some of these strong people in our community.

Our Female-led Team

What better way to start than with members of our own Silpada team? 

Meet Betsy Garwood, our Marketing Associate. Some of Betsy’s favorite women include her mother, Megan Markle, Princess Diana, and Kim Kardashian.

She loves the bond and sisterhood that is fostered by the community of women who work at Silpada. She always feels supported and encouraged everyday. We asked her how she can empower other women in turn…

“There are so many ways I can empower the women in my life but one of the most important ways is to listen when they speak and support them.” 

…and what would make the future better for women. 

“One change that could make the future better for women is amplifying women’s voices and ideas. We need to give women a seat at the table.”

She celebrates International Women’s Day by recognizing the many achievements by women like Kamala Harris being sworn into office.

Her current favorite Silpada pieces are the Ring of Fire Chain Necklace, Right As Rain Necklace, and Cigar Cuff Ring.

Another team member is Caitlin Broscius, our Director of Growth. Some of Caitlin’s favorite women include Jackie O., Beyonce, Huda Kattan, and of course, her mother. 

She loves that Silpada puts women and women’s interests at the core of everything the brand does. Having so many female leaders and team members is a major change from previous companies she’s worked for and she finds it empowering to see so many women in leadership roles. 

She understands that the one way to have women in leadership is through mentorship, which is how she feels she can empower women: 

“I think sharing knowledge, experience and resources with one another is key. Having a community that can guide one another and build each other up is so empowering. I personally have a sister that is 18 years younger than me. I strive to be her support system. I try to encourage her to dream big while also helping her navigate ways to turn those dreams into realities.” 

Currently, she’s loving chains and station necklaces, especially when layered together. Some of her favorite styles are the Dive Right In Chain Necklace, Scenic Route Necklace, and Marvel Me Necklace

Brand Ambassador Program 

Another amazing side of our team is our enterprising Brand Ambassadors. Since 2017, our ambassador program has provided opportunities for women, and since then has evolved into a thriving program that includes our biggest fans, influencers, and so much more. Silpada ambassadors are empowered through an amazing support group, access to marketing tools, and exciting sales incentives. 

We asked a few of our most active members a few questions about female empowerment and Women’s Month, and here’s what they had to say. 

Susie Brown and Antonella Nester

What has influenced your beliefs about femininity, empowerment, or equality?

“The women in history who have risen, fought, and decided at an early age that nothing will stop them from supporting other women rights and equality.”

– Susie Brown

When it comes to your capabilities, what should you stop second-guessing?

“How far I can really go.”

– Antonella Nester

Connie Curry

Why Silpada? What made you want to become an ambassador? 

“Silpada has been a part of my life for almost 20 years. It’s a product I believe in, and I love helping women feel good about themselves.”

– Connie Curry

Michetta Powell and Laura Bolson

“One woman I find empowering: Amanda Gorman, the young poet”

– Laura Bolson

Why do we need more women in leadership?

“Women are amazing human beings that possess great intellect, in which the world could benefit from.”

-Michetta Powell

Amanda Terry and Elaine Ibarra

What is one change that could make the future better for women? 

“Stop the negativity between women.”

– Amanda Terry

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

“A celebration to honor those women who have or are still making a better world.”

– Elaine Ibarra

To learn more about our Ambassador program and how you can apply, click here.

The Artisan Market

We partner with talented female artisans year-round to promote their small businesses and help them make their dreams come true. The sale of each unique artisan piece goes to supporting them. To learn more, check out The Artisan Market, then nominate an artisan you know who would love to work with us.

One of our popular artisans is Stephanie Maslow-Blackman, owner of Metalicious

Stephanie Maslow-Blackman

As a female entrepreneur, she had a lot to say about Women’s Day… 

“The first time I ever heard of International Women’s Day was when I was in college. I was traveling with some girlfriends and we were visiting my uncle in Italy. He greeted us at breakfast with little bouquets of mimosa flowers and told us it was La Festa della Donna (the party of the women). He bowed in respect when he gave each of us our flowers and I remember feeling so special and seen and valued. I still hold that memory in my heart as what Women’s Day is all about.”

…and how important it is to support women. 

“Encouraging women empowers women. Support her when she shares her ideas in meetings or at parties or in class, cheer her on when she speaks up for herself or another woman. Don’t tear us down for what we don’t do, lift us up by shining a light on our achievements.“

She felt inspired by the movie 9 To 5 and it has taught her why there needs to be more women in leadership. 

“The three lead characters work together to overthrow the male-dominated workplace of the 80s. I love that movie so much because it shows how powerful women can be when we work together—and also the change in how a company runs when it has heart-centered leaders.

Women lead with our hearts AND our minds. We will influence the world to become more compassionate, balanced, and equal when we are leading. Right now the balance is off because there are so many more men in leadership roles, and male leadership is also necessary and needed. But we still live in a male dominated, patriarchal society. And women will continue to be disempowered, overlooked and pushed to the side until we have equality in leadership.”

Speaking of women at work, we asked her why she likes working with us at Silpada. Here’s what she had to say: 

“Silpada is my dream team! Whenever I work with the women and men there, I feel respected and valued. The morals and message at Silpada is all about women empowerment and it’s very freeing creatively to be in a place that lifts you up.”

Thank you, Stephanie! We love working with you too. Stay tuned for more styles and insights from Stephanie in the future. Shop her meaningful pieces here.

Our Mission For Change

Last but certainly not least, our community wouldn’t be complete without our philanthropic partnerships. Silpada understands the value of uplifting and helping women who have a need. Which is why we partner with Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a nonprofit that provides support and resources to people impacted by this disease. 

Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women in the US. It is with this in mind that we created a specially curated collection designed by the LBBC community. We donate 20% of proceeds year-round and 40% of proceeds during Breast Cancer Awareness Month from this collection, to this organization. 

As an added bonus to commemorate International Women’s Day, we will be donating 10% of sales sitewide to LBBC on that day. 

Dana Donofree is a board member of LBBC, and founder and CEO of AnaOno Intimates, a lingerie company that sells bras for those with breast surgery. 

She has also partnered with us in the past to design the Never Alone Ring for our LBBC collection. To her, it represents the breast cancer community, the struggles of treatments and its lasting effects. The feature opal stone has flecks of pink but isn’t completely pink, representing that Breast Cancer is always a part of our life even when treatment has completed.

Dana Donofree

We talked to her to learn more about her thoughts on Women’s Month and empowering females. She firmly believes that lifting women up is the key to a brighter future: 

“I try my best to lift up others around me, no matter what. I truly believe that if we can lend a hand to another woman, and even spring her above ourselves, she will also lend a hand to the next woman. We cannot win if we don’t work together, and lift each other up. I love sharing what I have learned with other female founders and the young leaders of tomorrow. “

Speaking of those young leaders of tomorrow, she had this to say about women in leadership: 

“If we have more women leaders, other younger girls and adults realize that they TOO can be leaders. It takes very special people with a lot of energy to break the mold. It is exhausting. But when we can see others, like ourselves, especially with underrepresented communities, we can envision the opportunity and feel that it is real and not a dream.”

As a woman who is a breast cancer survivor (and thriver), she says this about her favorite women, who are true heroes: 

“My favorite women in history are the 15 brave women that signed up for the Herceptin/HER2 clinical trial in the 1990s. If it wasn’t for them and their sacrifices, I wouldn’t be here today after facing my own HER2+ breast cancer diagnosis.”

When asked what aspect of her capabilities she should stop second-guessing, her answer was one that we should remember this Women’s Month…

“My worth.”

Learn more about Dana and her company, AnaOno Intimates here.

Celebrating Women, Now & Forever

Cheers to all our amazing, beautiful women from all walks of life. We appreciate each and every one of you who has touched us through the years. This Silver Anniversary Collection is for you. Thank you for being a wonderful part of our community—25 years and going strong. 



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