She #CanDare, Aadya #Candere

We all go through life making our path; every person has a different experience and destination. However, it’s a journey that we learn to savour, cherish and treasure.

Women lead such a journey everywhere and rise from difficult conditions like the skier on the mountain, delivering the hard truths. Women surround themselves with people that tell it like it is—conquering and winning a new battle every day in every sphere of life.

This year we wanted to celebrate this journey of all those unique, graceful, aspiring and dynamic women worldwide with our new Aadya Collection. Pearl is the jewel to represent the strength and natural uniqueness through all our designs in the Aadya Collection. Combined with the lustre of gold and the brilliance of diamonds to compliment Pearls within our collection.


Women’s Day Celebration

Women’s Day is dedicated to all women everywhere, though we all appreciate women all the time, no matter that date. It’s about celebrating women’s journey, taking hold of their place in the world, and rising high like a Phoenix.

Our Aadya Collection aims to give the fashion edge to all Fearless women, game-changers, proud innovators, conquerors, warriors and winners — inspiring vision for families, institutions, organizations and communities. All the designs, be it necklaces, earrings, bracelets or pendants, have been thoughtfully crafted to celebrate your style statement.

Pearl ring and earrings

Aadya Collection this Women’s Day

We bring you the Aadya Collection that captures beauty, elegance, grace, strength, resilience and wisdom just like a pearl. Your jewellery box represents the journey of your life. Each Jewellery piece tells a story and is filled with memories. Gradually adding fine pieces to your collection over time is a wonderful thing to help create beautiful memories.

Pearl Bracelet

Our collection has journeyed to show that women can embrace their uniqueness and dare to be ahead of the curve, hence the tag She #Candare, Aadya #Candere. This collection celebrated the fashion, glamour and aura of women that is ever-present in everyday life.

So why not dawn the magic of pearls from our Aadya Collection and flaunt your uniqueness and glamour. Instead, take your red carpet of life by storm and add the natural beauty of pearls to your social media with our Hashtags She #Candare, Aadya #Candere.

Charles Salins

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