4 Reasons Why Rolls Royce Is So Expensive

4 Reasons Why Rolls Royce Is So Expensive

Rolls Royce, as a brand, is known for many things. Luxury is one of them, quality craftsmanship is another (it’s not likely you’ll need to hire the best lemon lawyer in your town because of breakdowns or non-functionality). With this superior standard, however, also comes a rather hefty price tag. What, specifically, makes the Rolls Royce name so expensive? That’s exactly what we’ll be taking a look at today. Read on to learn more.


Perhaps one of the most well-known facts about Rolls Royce is their incredible selection of colors. Their palette, according to David Dean, consists of more than 44,000 options:

“We replicate people’s lipsticks, something from your house, something you own, something you’ve seen. Even we’ve done the dog of an owner, a red setter. So we exactly replicate them, whether it be by the DNA, the chemistry, or whatever.”

Naturally, that level of detail is going to cost you extra. But Rolls Royce goes an extra mile by registering unique colors for customers as well. You get to name that color, and it becomes yours forever, so to speak—others will even need to get your permission to use it!

…And Paints

It doesn’t end with choosing a color, though. Even painting a car is taken to the next level with Rolls Royce. Dean goes on to explain that simply calling their process “painting” is an insult. Instead, they call it the “Surface Finish,” because it involves applying, at minimum, seven layers to the surface of the vehicle. These include primers, base coats, color, clear lacquer, etc.

Some orders can even get up to 23 layers—seriously bumping up that final price tag. Special layers can mix colors with special effects—with some customers going as far as having crushed diamonds sprinkled onto the exterior of their Rolls Royce for the ultimate in sparkle.

Those Tiny Little Details

If Rolls Royce is exacting enough to crush diamonds and sprinkle them in the paint, you better believe there are other minute details they’ll add to a vehicle that few other manufacturers even consider. You’ve noticed, for instance, that lovely stripe you see on the side of many models? Done by a professional, by hand, with special brushes to give it that one-of-a-kind appearance.

Other details that give the Rolls Royce its character include obvious touches—the iconic RR logo, the grille—but also include lesser-known features as well. Did you know, for instance, that the manufacturer includes robust sound-proofing on their rides, equivalent to about 300 pounds of acoustic insulation around the cabin? How about the Starlight Headliners, those fiber-optic roof lights that “recreate the night sky”? Details like this, obviously, cost extra.

A Truly Unique Vehicle

All of these facets come together to create something extraordinary—a unique vehicle for every purchaser. Rolls Royce automobiles aren’t pumped off an assembly line, they’re delicately crafted to meet the individual needs of their consumers. This bespoke nature demands a mammoth price tag, and when you consider that there’s a near-limitless number of configurations for extras, options, and upgrades, you truly start to appreciate the service that the Rolls Royce brand provides.



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